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I'm a programmer and hardware developer, for retro computing, but as well for modern FPGA development and microcontroller programming and hardware. Some of my (more or less) finished example projects:

Vectrex cartridge
- 64 channel, 100 MHz, logic analyzer
FPGA Signal Generator
C64 Kerberos MIDI interface
Lua Player for PSP
YaGraphCon, Yet Another FPGA Graphics Controller
- programming an microcontroller for a C64 USB Joystick Adapter with build instructions
- small "hello world" projects how to use microcontrollers, e.g. this test project for the PIC18F2550

I don't do much Youtube videos, but there are some videos to illustrate my projects as well, if useful, for example my DIY copter flight test with the blackbox feature or my ePaper tests.

Besides these projects, I started a lot of projects, see for example on my page. I'm a freelance programmer and hardware developer, see my LinkedIn profile.

Currently I'm doing a Kickstarter for a Vectrex game, but I will publish any interesting information about it as updates while developing it. I have some ideas how to use the Configurable Logic Cell features of some Microchip PIC microcontrollers to implement bank switching for Vectrex cartridges for cheap, instead of using a relatively expensive CPLD or FPGA.
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