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• One Song a Week (Early Access)
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After much deliberation and not a lot of planning, One Song a Week II began at the start of May 2019, during a European tour with my childhood heroes turned good friends Wheatus.

As you may know, this isn’t my first rodeo - 2012 saw the birth of #OneSongaWeek and took me on a journey from complete obscurity to a #1 album and songs written with some of the biggest artists in the world.

Since then, this here music thing has been my day job and I’ve done a few fun things (like make an EP on the London Eye in the time it takes to go round once - 28 minutes) and a few serious things (like release an actual LP in the actual shops and get in the actual charts).

When I started One Song a Week II back in May there was no long term plan - I just wanted to release some songs every week in a small, private corner of the internet and see how I felt about it all.

Fast forward almost 5 months and I’ve barely slept in a week, have a to-do list longer than my arm and we’re shooting a music video in 8 hours. The most exciting thing about all of this? I’m not even stressed. The only thing I’m worried about is how little I’m worried about it!

Okay okay, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about releasing a song a week again - who wouldn’t be - but things do feel very different to 2012. I’m not here to prove myself to anyone or get noticed - I’m too old for that shit - I'm just here to release a bunch of songs for a bunch people who’d like to listen (and I couldn’t be happier about it).

If you'd like to get involved then happy days - there are a few different tiers with different rewards ranging from $5 a month for all the songs to $50 a month for all the trimmings.

Don't forget, all prices are in dollars - so at the time of writing this $5 = £3.80 and $10 = £7.60 etc.

List of Rewards:
- One Song a Week (exclusive early access).
- Lyrics & Chords PDF
- Weekly Commentary
- Voice Memos & Out-takes
- Monthly Online Hangout/Livestream
- Exclusive Care Package (monthly or quarterly)*
- Birthday Card in the postº
- Guestlist & Soundcheck (any show)**

* Exclusive Care Package includes exclusive merch items not available to buy elsewhere + a hand written thank you note. Sent out monthly to VIP tier and quarterly to Deluxe tier. Please provide shipping address and clothing size upon subscription.

º Birthday Card in the post. Upon sign up VIP’s will be prompted for their birthday and delivery address.

** Guestlist and Soundcheck for you and a friend. On very rare occasions (small cap shows and some supports) Gueslist & Soundcheck might not be possible, but every effort will be made and alternatives offered. Limited to 1 show a month.

How do I access all the content?
As soon as you sign up you’ll get an email with all the information - I’d recommend using the Patreon app (for regular updates, chords/lyrics etc) and also making use of the RSS feed (so any songs, voice notes and audio files are downloaded instantly to your podcast app).

Tell me more about the content...
I'll be releasing a song on Patreon every Friday (and don’t forget we are 23 weeks ahead of everyone else on Spotify and Apple etc). For the most part it'll be brand new original songs with a monthly cover thrown in, and there’ll also be other content like weekly commentaries (with some off the cuff chat about the song / how i’m feeling / what’s going on), videos, silly photo’s and rambling voice notes.

How much of the money comes to you?
Patreon take 5% of the total subscriptions + a small processing fee on each payment, but in their defence they do offer a cool service that’s nice and easy to use.

What happens with the money?
Every single penny generated from Patreon goes back into the project and I don’t have the words for how much this helps. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for existing.

How long will this last?
Good question. I don't know (sorry). Maybe 6 months? Maybe a year? Maybe indefinitely? I hope indefinitely to be honest - I've got some pretty bold ideas about doing #OneSongaWeek on another continent - but right now I just want to get back making music for people who enjoy it and see what happens.

When will I be charged?
You'll be charged when you first sign up and can access all the things you've missed so far (that’s a LOT of songs), and then you’ll be charged on the first of every month thereafter.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription if I'm low on funds?
Of course! Be sure to let us know and we'll do our best to keep you in the loop until funds return :)
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When there's 100 of you crazy cats we're gonna have ourselves a banging party (on our phones/laptops).

I'll take song requests, answer stupid questions, give away things from my house/studio, play you some old recordings I've never been allowed to release and we'll basically just have ourselves a reet nice time :)

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