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you want to support my bots! thanks! one dollar is still one dollar 😭😭, and it sincerely means a lot to me that you are supporting me in my bot-making 
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you really want to support my bots! thank you so much! i will continue making and running my bots, all thanks to you. 

it's important to note that there is no benefit to being a supporter! or a supporter++!. so if you want to help out, but don't feel like digging out another dollar from your pocket, be a supporter! for $1 instead of $2
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if any of you are this crazy about my twitter bots..... i won't say no to $5..... ❤️ ..... but if you have something better to spend those $5 on like a hot n ready from little caesars,,, go do that instead please 
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About franky campuzano

welcome to my patreon page! my name is franky, and i run a few twitter accounts such as @garfieldpicture, @ikeaproductbot, @pokecardbot, and a few others. 

this all started two years ago when i first began @garfieldpicture. at first, everything was posted manually, but it slowly transitioned from manual posts every two hours, to using apps like buffer so that i wouldn't have to worry about posting during lectures, to finally applying the coding skills i know and running the accounts using python and a raspberry pi. 

even then, sometimes there is a little *guidance* used on the accounts. i used to read garfield as a kid, and seasonal garfield strips are too hard to ignore during the holiday season. i've worked at ikea during college breaks, and it's been crazy to see how many people have interacted with ikea products. i used to collect pokémon cards as a kid, and seeing everyone talk about pokémon cards recently has not only inspired my most recent bot, but actually made me casually collect again. so while the bots are random 99.9% of the time, sometimes my own input goes into what posts.

if you enjoy seeing my bots on your timeline, support me with a donation. anything is genuinely appreciated. 

//disclaimer: all images and text are property of their respective owners unless otherwise stated//
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anything helps me pay for school and bills.
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