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Smoke Beneath the Sky

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About Fraser Mack

First and for most... Thanks for checking out my page and supporting me! Anything you can do will always help, even if that is just leaving a comment! 

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Now a bit about me.
Forged in the fire of the Strath na Salag, born in Aotearoa New Zealand I began my journey on this world. I've been around animals all my life having been raised on the farm. Being the youngest of 3 brothers and a sister, its kinda like I had 4 extra parents. I never really had music around me, thats to say anyone who played instruments but my mother and father had a vast music collection. After watching 'School of Rock' (believe it or not), I picked up some drumsticks, but soon moved to guitar after I heard my eldest brother playing a Bruce Cockburn song. So, thinking to myself it was possible to play like Bruce Cockburn, I became obsessed with the guitar like I never have done before.

For 8 years there has not been a day gone by that I don't play the guitar. I was happy enough being a closet musician, playing to entertain my bedroom walls. But then it happened... My First Gig. I now had a new obsession and it was performance. I have managed to make music into my career, playing in as many Pubs, Cafes, Wineries, Festivals and Private Functions as I can through North Island of New Zealand and parts of Australia. The way I feel when I perform, and the way I make my audiences feel... well, nothing else I have done can compare to it. When you have an awesome crowd - a crowd that ROCKS! I found I was making an impact on peoples lives, and that was rewarding.

I want to keep sharing my passion with others and grow my audience for original music. If you are a fellow muso or someone who appreciates good music you have come to the right place. When people mention money, I know It can be hard to offer a helping hand. If you have got this far and you can't afford to help me with money, a simple like or subscribe or comment in youtube or facebook will help me more than you will know.

$1 a month may not seem like much to help my cause, but you will be helping me meet my monthly expenses. If you seen me play guitar, you would know I go through a lot of strings, and a good set of strings aint cheap. Now at my gigs a lot of people offer to buy me beers. I don't drink alcohol, so if you would like to show your appreciation for a gig you've seen, instead maybe subscribe for $5 a month and you'll get all the bonuses listed for that tier! You were gonna buy me a drink anyway, why not have the bonuses too!?!

Don't worry, I'm not gonna take the 1 dollar a month, buy a plane ticket to Mexico and run away. The support you give me will enable me to produce more content. Once I have enough Patrons, I will be doing a monthly pod cast where I'll be interviewing Patrons about life, music and any suggestions that you may have.

I'm only a one-man team at the moment (with some support from family). So people who are able to contribute are making new content available for production as I can increase the size of team (video editing, graphic design, photography and studio-recording time). If I did not have your help, I could not maintain everything here.

If you would like to donate rather than subscribe to a monthly amount, just click on the "become a patron" button (top right) and choose to donate. 

Thank you for your help, whether its as a Patron here, a subscriber on YouTube or a follower in social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

And lastly, you ROCK!!!!

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When I reach 50 patrons, I'll start a podcast where I interview one patron a month. I'm very excited for this, It will give me more insight into what you guys are like and give me a chance to have a chat and hang out too!
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