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You'll automatically be given the Patron role in my server, however, you won't get access to the patron exclusive bot at this level.
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Hi there!

Servers are expensive, and streaming music to over 1,600,000 servers requires a lot of computing power. When I first created FredBoat for just a few servers this wasn't much of a problem. The bot would serve no music at all and only a few commands an hour, but times have changed and now the bot is streaming music at a rate of around a handful of years per day.

Where does the money go?

FredBoat's cost has sprawled way out of the range of my non-Patreon income can cover. With more money, I can make the public FredBoat more stable and have it handle more load. I don't intend to pocket any money for myself while we still have performance issues. It's a win for everyone. 

What you'll get

As a patron of $2 or more per month you will gain access to FredBoat Patron in one server of your choosing. This comes with a few extra perks that we can't provide to the general public:
  1. An isolated bot that is not affected by peak usage (eg less lag)
  2. The ability to add Spotify playlists with tracks found on YouTube and Soundcloud
  3. The ;;volume command, which allows you to change the volume of the bot for everyone
  4. Earn the Patron role in FredBoat Hangout
If you pledge to the patron bot tier, you can claim the bot by logging in to

No matter how much support I get through Patreon, the bot will still remain completely free. I will never begin charging for core functionality. 

$1,000 - reached! per month
At this level I'll look into getting a web dev on-board to accelerate the process of finishing the web dashboard.
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