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t3h H0RD3 support level

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per month
  • Support production of Megatokyo.
  • 24 hour pre-release of Megatokyo comic before posting to other sites.
  • Sketches and in-progress drawings for Megatokyo comics, artwork and illustrations 
  • Discord server roles.
Includes Discord benefits

t3h Threat support level

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Everything in t3h H0RD3 Support level PLUS:
  • Support production of both Megatokyo and Tokyo Threat Documentation Project.
  • Downloadable versions of Tokyo Threat Documentation Project comics (comics are not downloadable on Webtoon).
  • Development sketches and illustrations for Tokyo Threat Documentation Project, 'monsters' in development, etc.
Includes Discord benefits

t3h 1337 support level

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reward item
per month
Everything in t3h Threat Support level PLUS:
  • High resolution versions of Megatokyo comics (Chapter 12 onward)
  • High resolution Downloadable versions of Tokyo Threat Documentation Project comics.
  • Raw scans and cleaned up versions of Megatokyo production drawings.
Includes Discord benefits




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About fredrin

Hi, my name is Fred Gallagher (aka fredrin or Piro), author and artist behind the webcomic/manga Megatokyo, an online webcomic that I've been working on since August 2000 (20 years!), and Tokyo Threat Documentation Project, a much newer stand alone Megatokyo spin off on Webtoon. Through the years I've been supporting the creation of these comics through sales of Megatokyo related products, original artwork, and print collections from DC and Dark Horse Comics and in recent years, this Patreon.

Oddly enough, the writing, drawing and creation of comic pages for Megatokyo didn't always directly support itself. A typical Megatokyo page can take from 2 to 4 days to write, draw, render and assemble into a finished page which is then posted to the website, free to read by all. Comics don't really earn anything until they are collected into print volumes. Sometimes the original artwork from a particularly good comic will sell, but people are usually more interested in stand-alone illustrations.  Before Patreon, this was how I primarily supported myself, producing a wide range of non-comic Megatokyo illustrations in pencil, COPIC marker and watercolor.

While this resulted a robust gallery of full color Megatokyo illustrations, it really got in the way of producing comics :)  My goal with this Patreon was to give Megatokyo readers and other fans of my work a way to directly support the creation of comic pages and not have to rely on non-comic illustrations so much.  Over the past few years, I've been able to do this while offering Patreon supporters high resolution versions of finished comics with and without dialogue, production drawings, works in progress and other stuff. Thank you for your support!  A lot of the detail I obsessively draw into the comics tends to get lost in the web-sized versions, so I think this is a real perk.

As always, the finished comics will be free to read once they are posted to the Megatokyo website or the Webtoon site. You are also welcome to visit my Twitch channel, Fredrin, where I broadcast live just about every day with what I am working on. You might even get a chance to see Khufu, my pet Egyptian god... I mean, black cat.

Thank you for your support! I look forward to working on bringing you more Megatokyo and Tokyo Threat Documentation Project arts and other stuff.

Fred "Piro" Gallagher
$2,000 - reached! per month
I will replace two pencil and color illustrations I am currently doing per month with two Megatokyo comics to produce a minimum of four Megatokyo comics per month - more if I can.
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