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Estimated time of delivery: between five days and 4 weeks (depending on how much research I need to conduct). The 4 weeks is a maximal limit put in there in case you require something that I really don't know anything about.
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About Freedom Alternative

I make videos from a freedom-first perspective.

I have very few limits and I'm not afraid to be politically incorrect. In fact, I insist upon offending the sensibilities of the modern culture.

Living in the aftermath of a totalitarian Communist regime - I simply refuse to believe that if someone disagrees with you that constitutes "oppression". Oppression is when you're purposefully deprived of food in the name of the "common good" (a common practice under Ceaușescu). As a result, I reserve the right to be brutal in expressing thoughts and also reserve my right to approach un-PC topics.

Perks for patrons:

For starters, it says 'month' (with quotes) because Patreon refuses to allow month (without quotes). Maybe it's a glitch that will be fixed, I don't know. But the quotes are there solely so the word can be seen. There are no hidden clauses. The pledges are monthly.

Besides the rewards listed bellow, all patrons, regardless of the pledge, can request audio files with the episodes uploaded on Youtube - so you can take them and listen in your, car, at the gym or whilst traveling. [will oblige only upon request]

Important note: The rewards are monthly as well. So for instance with a $10/month pledge, you get to request a video a month - not just once.

Patrons will also have access to some of my older "Voice of Europe" podcasts from the early days of the show. I am uploading from time to time a new episode from Voice of Europe.

Considering that Patreon has not solved many of the systemic limitations that it had in June 2015 when I created the page (e.g. low limits per file) and in fact it has added several problems (e.g. charging EU patrons VAT), this platform will only be used to broadcast announcements for patrons and maybe coordinate hangouts at some point.

How will patrons be charged

Patrons will be charged at the end of the month, just like in any other monthly campaign/pledge.
This model was chosen because of the large amount of episodes released monthly - which would've made a per-episode arrangement impractical and/or unaffordable for the patrons.

Is/Was the "kittens" goal a joke?

No, it's not. Kittens unite every kind of people and are darn cute. Even those who aren't a cat-person still like a proper kitteh video :D
The Kittens goal was fulfilled in November 2016 so in December 2016 I delivered on the promise:

What's in the bag for the future?

Travel videos have become a common feature on the channel since I started the Patreon page - largely thanks to your support.

Travel tours so far:

June 2016 Western Ukraine tour:

The 2017 Hungary, Georgia and Armenia tour:

The 2017 Sweden tour:

The 2018 Albania tour:

The 2018 USA tour:

Also in 2018 there will be the Jordan-Israel tour (please make sure to gib shekels for that endeavour!).

Other dates and details are to be announced in Patron-only posts.

During 2017, much of the donations have went into buying new equipment, significantly raising the quality of all the types of the video (compare any video from 2016 with any video after July 2017 and the difference is quite striking!).

There is still more equipment needed even though the urgent basics have finally been covered.
For instance, I still need a camera that can record 720p MP4 files and have the capacity to record sound from an external source (i.e. external mic).
Additionally, I still don't have proper studio lights - though this is mostly a technical issue rather than a financial one.
Also, as time goes on, my database grows gigantic. So I will also soon need one or even two 4TB HDDs (about $180/each in Romania).
Besides, there's always miscellaneous (cables, lavalieres, etc.) and redundancies (secondary batteries, redundancy recorders, etc.).
All the excess funds will go towards improving the behind-the-scenes equipment.

Anyway, if I've convinced you - thank you for pledging shekels to support my work.

P.S.: I also run a channel in Romanian, be sure to check that out and subscribe to it:
$176.78 of $200 per month


In another place than the one where I reside I have around 7 kittens who are well taken care of and very cute.

When this goal will be reached, I will travel till there to make a video showing all the kittehz.
(no, I'm not joking)

Video delivering on the promise, here:
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Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 60 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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