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About Freedom of Form Foundation

We are making freedom of form - biotech for self-expression - a reality. Our scientists, engineers, artists, compliance experts, and team members are tackling the challenges of this emergent field head-on. We are undertaking internal research projects, community building, advocacy, and funding external researchers. As a nonprofit organization, we are able to fully focus our resources on achieving freedom of one’s physical form without worrying about short-term shareholder demands or profit motive. We are doing everything we can to help people like you appear in the same way they envision themselves, as a liberating expression of one's identity.

Whether you're excited by the idea of relatively small, novel cosmetic changes such as dynamic tattoos or exotic ears, or driven by the thought of having a tail and paws, or anything in-between, we're here for you. You have the right to be who you want to be.

We have been reaching out to leaders such as Anders Sandberg at Oxford, Liz Parrish at BioViva, and Hugh Herr at MIT. We're building bridges with our friends at The Tail Company and The Futurist Foundation. Our researchers are creating a dynamic engine for modeling the variability of bones and muscles in 3D, and deeply analyzing the physiology and cell signaling mechanisms used in the integument (i.e., skin, fur, and scales). And, most of all, our welcoming, supportive community of passionate individuals of all backgrounds inspires us to keep going, keep growing, and overcome anything in our way.

We are well underway, and we'd love it if you join us on this journey! With your help, we can all help make the world a better and more accepting place. And, as a special way of saying thank you, we’ll provide the following rewards for patrons:

  • "Huh, cool!" – Get early access to our newsletter, where we'll keep you up to date with relevant articles, interviews, and opinions. And that includes updates on our research as well!
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Tangible rewards are sent from CafePress. We plan to add additional rewards and content over time as our capabilities and resources increase.

All Discord-based rewards are contingent on entry. Patreon support is welcome, but not required to participate in most areas of our Discord server. Must be 18 years or older to be invited to Discord. Please go to for further details and to fill out the submission form.

We cannot promise instant or rapid results – science and translation to applications take a long time. As with any area of research, many individual projects will fail before giving useful outcomes. The most important goal of this work is to get the conversation started, inside and outside technical fields, and inspire people across any and all backgrounds.

Together, we can make the phrase “be what you want to be” a reality.

Tax deductibility:
Our FEIN is 824415111. That number may be useful to you when reporting your contributions, and please also remember that the value of any thank-you rewards should not be included in that total. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions about this – we can’t offer tax advice but we’ll do our best to provide as much clarity as we can. If in doubt, seek the help of a tax professional. 

Our banner image was generously created by lepidopteroid. Thank you!
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At this level, we’ll be able to invest more in research projects, such as providing consumables (e.g. breadboards/PCBs) and access to some types of specialty software (CAD, physiology, and scientific illustration) depending on research needs. We’ll also be utilize more part-time employee work, allowing us to host more seminars or guest appearances, and accelerate research, to supplement all the volunteer effort generously provided by our teams. Finally, we’ll safely be able to award at least one external $4,000 grant per year; we’ve awarded 2 so far and would love to do more.

This funding level will help accelerate a virtuous cycle that lets us do more research and advocacy, earn the respect of more people, and pursue even more research and advocacy.

Our major donors will continue paying for most or all overhead expenses. By supporting us on Patreon, you’re directly making our program activities possible!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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