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Newly Sentient Being

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Our Thanks and Patreon Post Access

Welcome to the world of sentient beings, and thanks for helping keep the torches lit at Freehold Games.


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Discord Channel Access and Special Role

eheheheh! You get:

  • Access to the Patrons channel in the Caves of Qud discord
  • Special discord role
  • All lower-tier rewards
Includes Discord benefits


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Pet of the Month Club!

Finders keepers, friend. You get:

  • A special, Patron-only code that you enter at character creation  to start the game with a unique pet, handcrafted by us! There's a new pet every month, and you retain access to all the previous months' pets.
  • All lower-tier rewards
Includes Discord benefits




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About Freehold Games

Live and drink, friends.

Hi there. We're Freehold Games, a tiny studio co-founded by life-long friends Brian Bucklew and Jason Grinblat. We're most well known for making the science fantasy roguelike & RPG Caves of Qud.

We make weird games that tend to be built on top of two design pillars. (Two petal-etched, vine-swathed, time-bitten pillars.)
  1. Bizarre, baroque, original settings. We share an eclectic love for the natural and humanistic worlds and it compels us to sculpt immersive settings out of their varied clays.
  2. Generativity. Emergence is fascinating to us; we love to be surprised by what we make. So we build complex systems and collide them to observe the results.

Why support us?

Caves of Qud is available to buy, but it's not a typical game project. It's a labor of love, over a decade in the making, and we've spent countless hours etching all the minutiae of its many layers. We've also grown our team of contributors -- who are making the game inestimably better -- and we're serious about our responsibility to pay them fair rates.

Sustaining bespoke work in this economy is hard. Supporting us will help us keep going with the creative ethos that's allowed Caves of Qud to be such a weird and expansive project. It'll help support our community managers in growing a vibrant and inclusive community. And it'll let us branch out into new projects, some of which are already in the works.

Pictured above: Freehold Games, tinkering on new projects

What about reward tiers?

We've come up with several on-brand levels that you can support us at, each with its own set of rewards. Peruse, and find one you're comfortable with!

  • $1 - Newly Sentient Being: Our thanks and Patreon post access
  • $2 - Snapjaw: Discord channel access and special role
  • $5 - Arconaut: Pet of the Month Club!
  • $10 - Barathrumite: Pet of the Month Club voting and access to early builds
  • $15 - Dromad: Your name in the credits
  • $20 - Water Baron: Discord jewels, Reddit pearls, and new tile voting
  • $99 - Highly Entropic Being: ƃuᴉǝq ɔᴉdoɹʇuƎ ʎlɥƃᴉH

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