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About FREE INSULIN from Pharma Occupation

FREE INSULIN endeavors to build community and empowerment among diabetics living in the US who cannot readily afford or access their life-saving insulin.

Support for FREE INSULIN means supporting the community, creativity, and events that bring diabetics together and help them FREE their INSULIN from Pharma occupation. Big Pharma, particularly "The Big 3" insulin producers - Eli Lily, Novo Nordisk, and and Sanofi - have systematically walled off access and affordability to life-saving insulin. The mission of the FREE INSULIN project is to get insulin into the hands of diabetics who need it, and empower the person with diabetes to use creativity and resourcefulness to save their own lives.

FREE INSULIN endeavors to flip Pharma the bird, by getting more and more diabetics in the US to a local supply swap meet, or across our northern and southern borders to afford and access their life saving medicines.

When one's life-saving medicine is out of financial reach, the patient faces financial ruin, or death - whichever comes first. FREE INSULIN is dedicated to creating and widely publicizing other options that the patient has, which often demand creativity, resourcefulness, and gas money.

We are making art and noise about this critical issue. Art is communication. Help us reach as many insulin-dependent people in the US as possible to let them know that they have options. 

FREE INSULIN was created during the worst pharmaceutical pricing crisis in US history, by an insulin-dependent diabetic who found herself going into debt trying to pay for her insulin and medical supplies. A resident of Southern California, one day she took a trip to Tijuana with friends and found that she could buy the exact same vials and pens of insulin that was costing her thousands in the US for less than $200 in Mexico, with no need for a prescription or health insurance. She vowed to never buy a prescription at retail price in the US ever again, and to help others living with type 1 diabetes creatively navigate the deeply flawed insulin market in the US.
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