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Welcome to Free Market Insights,

Over the past few years, we have seen the birth of revolutionary financial software ranging from free trading software like Robinhood to low cost online banks like TD bank. Companies like SeekingAlpha have tried to provide education services in tandem with these online trading service companies in an attempt to automate the job of Financial Advisor. The innovation is unprecedented. The amount of data available is incredible. Today we are on the brink of completely online and automated financial literacy and portfolio management. 

However, the landscape is not complete, and unfortunately, there are still massive gaps in the infrastructure. 

1) The amount of financial data is overwhelming and overall not useful.
2) There is almost no education on how to use the available data and software to improve financial outcomes. 
3) Advanced data analytics techniques and data sets used by professional Investment Managers are not widely available for public use. 
4) The useful data and information available are scattered across many apps and websites and are not aggregated in one location for all to use. 

These gaps have caused many people to enter the market and lose money. Others have avoided the markets entirely, and are putting their financial future, retirement, and family at risk. Financial advisors are still seen as the guiding light through the chaos of data overload. 

Our mission at Free Market Insights is to solve these problems. We have developed and continue to develop state of the art analytics and easy to understand trainings tailored to each individual’s skill level. We provide actionable data, overall market and individual stock analytics that are used by investment banks and portfolio managers. We publish research and education tools to help people understand how the market works as well as how they should save and invest their money to maximize their financial future. 

Our goal is to clear the confusion many people feel when investing and to help aggressively risky beginner investors avoid losing thousands of dollars when starting out. 

Investing is easy, but with today’s tools and available education, it is still difficult to do it right. 

Our goal is to fix that and empower everyone to solidify his or her financial futures. 

One paycheck can be worth a new car if invested correctly. Join FMI and learn how. 

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