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Two free pass tokens mailed anonymously (or not) to people of your choosing. A cover letter with, or without, your name will describe the gift. Surprise a friend with an unexplained free pass at the end of what may have been a tough day.  Please put their shipping address on the form. If there is a deadline that is meaningful to have these letters sent-let me know. Otherwise, it will happen in the next two months, and if your contact info is provided, I will let you know when.

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Two free pass tokens sent to you!  Let everyone know the compassion/forgiveness intervention that made ya feel good. Send your free pass story and/or a photo in any combination via  Your story link will be tweeted, shared on Instagram, and on a special area on the website. Additionally you'll get a loving and energetic acknowledgement of support with your name listed on the website, on the Facebook Page, tweeted and Instagram.

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Who needs a free pass now and again?
Almost everyone.

As an inclusive social engagement platform, the Free Pass Project unifies and empowers individuals and communities with creative acts of spontaneous compassion and conversation. In these divisive and wearing times an observation as simple as, 'it looks like you're having a bad day’, can go a long way towards connection. I have great gratitude to the hundreds of people who have been involved, at some level, with the Free Pass Project during the first three years. Thanks to citizen artists like you, the compassion in free pass exchanges incrementally makes the world a smaller and better place. If you're just learning about this long term, social practice, thanks for stopping by.

The What:
Currently hand crafted from re-purposed poker chips, Free Pass tokens are stage one, and the center of this lively, people powered, pro social platform. Citizen artists, such as yourself, give free pass tokens to friends and strangers, keep one for a jolt of self compassion or drop them randomly as a surprise gift to strangers. Folks have deemed the term/gesture, 'free passing'. Any mix of these creative options eases distress and brightens the day for at least two people: you and a free pass recipient.

These stories are uploaded by folks who have participated in this art project. Sharing our stories is one way to nurture, nourish and extend this Free Pass Project community.

The Why:
It is science that one instance of compassionate behavior compels the next person to do the same. This is the micro level of the Free Pass Project that helps change the world. A simple conversation that might start with, ‘it looks like you’re having a bad day’, crosses social and political barriers - i.e. we’ve all been there. Creatively bestowing a free pass token as a small respite from struggle builds a simple bridge with, ‘I’ve been there too’. The banner at the top of this page shows the inclusive diversity of free pass conversations by this creative community.

The Who:
I’m Rachel Cyrene Blackman, a multi disciplinary artist. I originated the interactive, pro social art of the Free Pass Project in January, 2014. A tremendous amount of background work supports the surprising simplicity and clarity of the project's foundational purpose. Collaborations, research, writing, improving materials, making free pass tokens, digital media...and love...keep the Project going. Here's a short clip that introduces some of my own free passing. After a conversation with a stranger, you are no longer strangers.

These short articles introduce the FPP as it was in year one.
Providence Monthly
Motif Magazine.

A Patron: a recurring monthly payment of any amount that can be adjusted at anytime.
This exact juncture of the Free Pass Project is about three things: a) refining and finalizing writing in order to move ahead approaching existing, and new, institutional and funding contacts; b) to collaborate on what the next, and more practical, 'object' might be that guides a free pass interaction - for example, a Free Pass app; c) to preserve creative time for me out in the world, free passing. Padding time for me be expressively in the project fulfills the initial creative explosion. Additionally, my stories and experience as a free passer are new content for future partners and funders.

My first monthly goal with your patronage is a $600.00 a month. This amount translates into the total time of one full work week.

A monthly amount that exceeds that will allow us, the Free Pass Project community, to fulfill the full vision of the Free Pass Project as a multi disciplinary platform. In additional to the optional rewards, I'll post content that is only accessible by patrons. This will include short video clips, photos, stories, and a peek into development.

The Patreon platform helps sustain and develop this long term art project, while at the same time making the world a better place. Let’s work together.
Thanks for reading!

Rachel Cyrene Blackman
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(Please note, Patrons can pledge any amount per month and it can always be adjusted. The tiers cited in the reward column are markers.)

This monthly amount is really what I'm seeking from combined Patreon pledges at this time.  I'm hoping we can implement the overarching model that for artists, and the work we do, reasonable compensation for time spent is beneficial for a healthy community. Referring to the main page helps flesh out the overarching goals of the Free Pass Project at this time. We can share in the milestones, together.

Right now compensation will go towards writing and research time, materials and travel for meetings, and costs incurred creating and documenting new Free Pass art. 

I will be communicating with new Patrons regularly. Together, we'll revisit this goal in two months.


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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