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About Laura Tucker

It takes a village.

It takes a village to create a conscious leader.

It takes a village to sustain a podcast.

When the Free Your Inner Guru™ Podcast launched in April 2017, the inspiration – just like the name – came from within. I was craving big conversations about topics I care about: leadership, spirituality, entrepreneurship, creativity and personal development - all themes of my personal journey.

A year and a half later, the "why" behind the Free Your Inner Guru podcast has evolved.

What started as an exercise in using my voice has become a platform to spread the message that the world needs a new kind of leader.

Conscious leaders.

Leaders whose motive and world view extend further than self-interest. We need conscious leaders to rise in every sector of society and business.

We also need to become conscious followers.  We must build our muscle of discernment so that when we choose a leader we increase the odds that our choice is authentic and delivers as promised. The power of discernment is a part of your inner guru.

There are two ways your support will help me contribute to this essential conversation.

The first is I'll be able to create more podcast episodes, especially interviews that share insights and stories of conscious leaders. The second is the redirection of my time to growing the podcast audience by sharing my story and the message of Free Your Inner Guru.

Why Patreon?

It takes a ton time to organize, invite guests, come up with what to say in solo episodes, record, sound edit, write and publish each episode. The podcast is at the point where it needs support to be sustainable.

When considering the options to fund a podcast, my own bias came into play.  Ads and sponsorships are popular among podcasters, but I don't like them! They disrupt the flow and clutter up the episodes. 

Patreon provides a perfect opportunity for listeners to support content they enjoy, and create a community around the podcast.

If you become a Founding Patron during this first stage, you will have my eternal gratitude.  You will be a part of creating “social proof” that this podcast is worth supporting, which in turn will help it grow.

Will we still be talking about spirituality, entrepreneurship, creativity and personal development?

Yes! These themes are all a part of Free Your Inner Guru and conscious leadership.

How will your support be invested?

  • The first priority is hiring a sound editor. I’ve been doing it myself and it is time to get some help. The quality will be better, too!
  • The second priority is to cover existing hard costs.

As a Patron you'll be the first to know of changes, additions and when anything exciting happens as I continue this unexpected journey of the Free Your Inner Guru Podcast.

In gratitude,

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This is the first stage!  With your support I will be able to :
  • Hire a sound editor
  • Cover the existing costs of the podcast.
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