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About Freshly Popped Culture

What is this, exactly?

I think that’s pretty self-explanatory, no? Freshly Popped Culture is an entertainment website around covering the wide ol’ world of pop culture. More specifically, it’s a blog built to complain about (and, on occasion, praise) the world of entertainment. It’s a bunch of writing about a bunch of things, okay? I have no idea how better to explain it to you.

What are you trying to do here?

Okay, that’s honestly pretty similiar to the last question but, fine: I’ll bite. With Freshly Popped Culture, my main goal was creating a webspace in which I can still write about the things that matter to me the most — the titular pop culture.
(Ha. Titular)
There is very few things in the world I love doing more than writing about entertainment and, lacking a long-term outlet to do that, I did what I’m won’t to do: jump into a new project that absorbs a massive amount of my time, for little actual benefit.

What do you write about?

Movies. Television. Video Games. Sometimes other things, but mostly I stick to that trio.

And who are you?

Hey, wow, thanks for asking. I’m Matthew Legarreta, and I am the creator/main writer here at FPC. I’ve been writing about entertainment in a semi-profesional capacity for seven years (and counting!), previously serving as the Editor-in-Chief of another website I created, Geek Binge. Before that, I was the Lead News Writer over at Cinelinx. And before that, I screamed endlessly into the void, on Blogger and such.
In any case, it’s mostly just me around these parts, although I do host pieces written by other writers from time to time.

So, wait, are you looking for contributors?

Eventually! One of the things I loved about running Geek Binge was having the ability to share the works of other talented writers, giving inexperienced but talented folks a “leg up” into the world of online entertainment writing. The business itself is a very challenging nut to crack, and speaking out of experience, getting a foot in the door can often times seem like an impossible task. I valued the outlets that gave me a chance to rant in my early years, and I would love to continue and pass on the privileged.
At some point. For now, let’s just see how things go in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

So do you write for this website exclusively then?

What? No, absolutely not. Why, do you know a place that’s looking for writers? I’ll do whatever, I don’t care.

Can I follow this website on social media?

Nope, sorry, this is the only website on the internet that doesn’t have a social media presence. I mean, there had to be at least one, right?
In all seriousness: Twitter. Facebook. Youtube. Pinterest. Tumblr. These are the main ones, I guess.

Can I send you unsolicited email?

Sure, why the hell not? Check out the Contact page for more information on that.

Your website seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?

Ooh, a tough question, but a fair one. Ultimately, there’s no single answer. Some readers respond to my integrity. Others are more impressed with my incorruptibility.. Still others, by my determination to lower taxes! And the bureaucrats in the state capitol can put that in their pipes and smoke it!

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