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About Friendafy

We are raising funds in order to reach our goals in a faster and more prominent way. We encourage backers to support our journey to reach our final destination.

We care about this project so much because we want to create something truly special and unique. We believe in this product, thus the reason we are asking for the backers' support. We do not want to copy anyone. We might take inspiration from others, but everything that we do, we try to think differently. That pushes us to aim for the stars and to give it our all.

We are a startup company aiming to connect like-minded individuals together using the power of technology. Meet your best friends, soul mate, favourite celebrities, preferred businesses, life coaches, mentors and individuals who are on the same wavelength as you are. Your world is your oyster. Live life to the fullest. Use your phone in a whole new way!

Go Friendafy those who make you, you! 

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