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Hey there!

I'm Friendly Cosmonaut. I'm an indie game developer, asset creator, and tutorial maker. I work in a game development engine called GameMaker Studio 2.

My tutorials have spanned topics including basic movement, object states, dialogue, cutscenes, quest systems, optimisation, and so on. I've also made a series on making a Farming RPG, which has more than twenty episodes.

Recently, I've taken some time off making tutorials to concentrate on my own game projects. This includes Sprite and the Chroma Conspiracy (previously referred to as code name Project Magenta) which I'm making with my twin sister Scary Moonchild. It's a narrative-driven adventure game about identity, mental health, and friendship. I'm also working on a platformer RPG called The Crash Zone, a sci-fi adventure featuring a little cosmonaut who must jump, hoverboard, and make friends to find their way home. 


Although I'm switching gears a bit, I still want to be active in the gamedev community and create useful content. What I do may change month to month, but there will be regular content. I will still be making tutorials, but as I work on my game projects, I'll also make devlogs (video logs on the game development process). These videos will be more casual than my past tutorials, and will often feature Scary Moonchild to share her experience and insight. We'll discuss: what our project is about, game design, writing & characters, art & sound design, problems we've had, and the solutions we create. I'll also be working on game demos and the occasional podcast/conversation with Scary Moonchild (Scary Cosmic Chats).

There’s something else I want to introduce too. Let's face it, communication on Patreon leaves a lot to be desired. So, I've created a private Discord server for patrons called the Friendly Cosmic Station (FCS). The Discord server will allow you to chat with me (and each other) in a real-time, more informal way. On board the FCS "space station", you can: chat about anything and everything in the lounge terminal, discuss gamedev and your own projects in the gamedev wing, show off your beautiful work in the showcase hall and get help on the help deck!

I also have plans for some more irregular content:
  • Tutorial videos for GMS2. Since these will be less often, I might post polls to guage your most desired topics.
  • Handy scripts that I have made that I find myself using across my different projects.
  • Live Q&A and/or game streams.
  • Use Patreon Lens (instagram for Patreon) to show some behind-the-scenes videos of works in progress. It is very likely this will be used for cat photos too.
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