Friends at the Table is creating Actual Play Podcasts

The Pal

$1 /mo
Access to Clapcast, a monthly compilation of all our claps and any other outtakes. Here’s an opportunity for us to share bits from our out of game moments that usually get cut out of the ma...

The Friend

$5 /mo
Access to all of our patreon-exclusive shows!

This includes:

Thank you for your support!
  • Tips at the Table, our monthly Q&A show
  • Bluff ...

The Mapmaker

$10 /mo
Access to our roll20 character sheets and all of our maps. A backstage look at who hasn’t been keeping track of their gold all season! We usually share the prebuilt maps for major locations, but yo...

The Hacker

$15 /mo
Hang out while we host a stream and record Tips at the Table and Drawing Maps. Not only will you hear an episode before it's edited and released, you can hang out in chat and ~*join the conversatio...

The Bard

$25 /mo
Every month, you’ll receive a small postcard with original art and design by Janine Hawkins and featuring microfiction set in one of the Friends at the Table settings written by Jack de Quidt and A...

The Pusher

$50 /mo
Every month, receive a behind-the-scenes digital dispatch filled with excerpts from the GM’s notes, original music demos, doodles and scratch notes written by the cast during play, and any other ep...

The Pala-din

$100 /mo
After six months of subscribing at this level, and once a year thereafter, we’ll all sign a copy of a system we’ve played (your choice!) and all of the postcards from that year. We’ve never even al...