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About Ade Toye

Hello fans and friends of the Friends at Work Podcast with Ade Toye. Thanks for your interest in supporting my podcast. Please consider donating monthly. I’d like to take a few minutes to explain to you why this is important…

For over a decade now, it has been my commitment to make a positive impact on the world through media. In 2008, I published my first book. And it was through my video on the Millennium Development Goals, while doing my Masters program, that I was appointed United Nations Citizen Ambassador for Africa in 2010 at the UN Headquarters in New York. I am the first African to ever be nominated for this role in which I served for 2 years. The next year I was invited to create and host a prime time weekly radio program, The Catalyst, in Lagos, Nigeria. When I moved to the US, I created and produced a podcast series on the Immigrant Experience in 2015. Now, I’m working on my biggest project yet, The Friends at Work Podcast with Ade Toye.

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water at work or work events? Do you ever wonder how to improve your relationship with your colleagues? Do you have people at work you can’t stand? Are you that person that people can’t stand? Do you ever wonder why your colleagues don’t get along with you? Do you ever wonder why you’re passed up for promotions? These, and many other questions like it are answered on the Friends at Work Podcast with Ade Toye. All these questions can be resolved or significantly improved through the lens of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is a skill we all CAN and MUST improve on to advance in our careers and develop meaningful, lasting relationships in life.

With a new guest each week, the Friends at Work Podcast with Ade Toye provides you the opportunity to improve your emotional intelligence skills, one conversation at a time. My podcast is available on several platforms: Apple Podcast, Google Play Music, Spotify, Stitcher, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. The media world is cluttered with a lot of mediocre content, this is not one of them. However, it takes lots more advertising and high quality production to be heard/seen above the din. That’s why I need your support to do just that; improve production quality and get the word out more.

Here’s how you can help:

Better Microphones
The microphones I use right now are decent but they’re not professional mics. Better mics will give me better sound quality and drastically reduce the time I spend editing each episode. I would be needing a variety of professional microphones to handle different situations, from recording in noisy outdoor situations to doing studio recordings and many things in between. Having good professional microphones would blow the limits on what I can do creatively with this podcast and increase the quality of content I bring to you for your listening pleasure.

Studio space and Video equipment
Communication is 93% non-verbal and this podcast, because of its purpose, mastering emotional intelligence, will be exponentially served with video. So far, I have already bought some studio lights and backdrop stand. Now, I need at least one good DSLR camera (for quality videos and photographs), a few camera accessories (lenses and such) as well as good production software. With your support I can also rent a studio space for production.

Marketing and Merchandising
Awareness of this podcast is growing with every episode and it’s getting hits from all over world. There are tools and services that would however turbo charge my social media marketing plan exponentially. With your help I can pay for them. And as part of plans to make this podcast self-sustaining in the long run, I would be designing T-shirts and other merchandise for sale. With your support, I’ll be able to follow through on new merchandise ideas and hire the right people to get them made.

This podcast is building an online following across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube), which is great. A lot of initial contact with listeners is going to be through social media. But from the month of June onwards, I plan to do events that bring some of my audience together, such as live recordings with multiple guests, mixers, and seminars. The goal is to start small and build gradually. It is however prudent to start gathering resources now towards then. One of my natural gifts, as have been affirmed by many others, is the ability to connect with people from various backgrounds, races, beliefs and cultures. I want to use this to connect people (fans and friends) together, first of all in the DMV, then around the country. When we see each other less as strangers to be feared, we can then build friendships that are revered.

That's my spiel.

Thank you for being there for me.

Ade Toye
Creator/Host, Friends at Work Podcast with Ade Toye

PS: My podcast is called Friends at Work Podcast with Ade Toye to differentiate myself from another podcast called Friends at Work. This podcast and mine started publishing a couple of weeks apart from each other so we didn't find out about each other until later.

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