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Access to the unreleased (Patreon Only) FDB mini series "My Dad's Fridge' (4 episodes per month). This is a 15-30 minute mini show focused on the time tested beers every dad drinks. 




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About Friends Drink Beer

Thank you for visiting the official Friends Drink Beer Patreon Page. Friends Drink Beer is a weekly podcast that can be found wherever you listen to podcasts. This is a show that focuses on a new craft beer each week, and invites you the listener to sit at our table and enjoy a conversation among friends.

Each donation helps improve the quality of the podcast, and gives us the funding to create more exciting and unique content focused around ordinary people trying some of the best beers in the world. 
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We have set a goal of $500/Mo. This will go directly to our amazing FDB Team so we can keep pumping out excellent content. This cold hard cash will also go towards funding more great craft beer, exploring live show opportunities, and contining to expand the brand into a video series. 
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