Friendship Buddies are creating comedy, podcasts, videos, and live shows

Friendly Buds

$1 /mo
Weekly Bonus Bit!

For a single dollar a month, you receive access a weekly Friendship Buddies Bonus Bit! An extra ten-to-fifteen minute episode per week of the boys doing a goofy bit or some such.

Friendship Buddies!

$5 /mo
Early Movie Friends!
For five bux a month, you're an official Friendship Buddy. In addition to the one bux reward, you get next week's Movie Friends a week early! Dang! Also we...

Friendship Super Buddies!

$10 /mo
Monthly Skype session access!
For ten bux a month, you're a Friendship SUPER Buddy. We'll do a Skype or a Google Hangout with you guys once a month and joke around and be goofy...

Ultra Friendship Super Buddies!

$20 /mo
You get everything for free!
For twenty bigg wons a month, you're an ULTRA Friendship SUPER Buddy. Any time that one of us sells something (i.e. a stand-up album, a book, t-shi...