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    About FrikiFish

    Hello & welcome to FrikiFish

    An online magazine founded in 2017 to explore art, craft, creative culture and emerging talent. The platform has a special focus on the creative scene in Barcelona, but the articles and content speak to a global audience. FrikiFish aims to share and connect internationally through art and creative activities.

    Artist-run initiative

    FrikiFish is a labor-of-love founded by Barcelona-based artist, Amelia Johannsen. As an emerging artist herself, she feels compelled to help others make a living so they can continue inspiring the world with their art. The mission is to connect talented independent artists with art enthusiasts who value craft, quality and originality.

    Supporting a local Maker Movement

    In popular destinations all over the world, there are too many shops selling mass-produced souvenirs in cities full of working artists. Our online artist directory supports local makers, helping to promote the vibrant creative culture in Barcelona.
    Frikifish also publishes articles on emerging art and under-known artists, events and exhibitions, reviews and local art news. We've also just launched our first international online exhibition!

    By keeping things small & local, we are able to establish relationships with the artists and bring you their personal stories and limited edition artwork.
    If you're an artist looking to promote yourself and your art, please visit our offer for Barcelona Artists.

    We need your Support!

    For as little as a $1 per month you can help FrikiFish to support the arts in Barcelona!

    But wait. What is friki?

    Noun /ˈfɾiki/ (plural frikis)
    Borrowed from English freaky.
    Spanish word that defines: freak, weirdo, geek, nerd, guru, otaku, mangaka, comic liker, book reader, videogame player, film lover and any other person whose likings are not cars, chicks and soccer. You may only like movies, but as a "friki" you like all the other stuff, look weird or act clumsy.
    - Taken from "The Urban Dictionary"

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