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By giving me any money at all, you're proving that this is a thing worth doing, and serving to make sure I keep putting material out there.

Supporters get review access to properly formatted and book-marked copies of my work as each project is finished, free of charge. You also get to join the community in our local Discord chat.

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You're here to make suggestions! In addition to being able to vote on each month's new project, you will get the ability to suggest a single element that I have to include in each game. Elements will be chosen by project, but will usually be something like a particular NPC name and personality trait, or the name of a strange creature, or even a character trait that needs to be included in the game. 

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As one of our coveted Wish Spirits, you get to add something to a voting roll. In addition to all the benefits of the previous tiers, you can tell  me one of the following things once per year:

* What genre you would like the next Systemless Setting to be

* What system you would like the next RPG hack to be
*  A basic mechanic you'd like to see in the next small RPG I write

(Note: If I get multiple competing requests, they'll be resolved in the order they are received.) 

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Help me create new games, settings, and worlds for you to play in! 

I'm a part-time writer and game designer, and I love making RPG material. The thing is, I don't have enough time in the day, and if I'm not working to a deadline it's hard to stay focused. Help me to do both!

Here's how it's going to work. I design RPG campaigns, characters, and scenarios. Some of these are brand-new simple RPG systems, while others are hacks or adaptations of various popular games, and some are systemless settings that you can use with your own favorite RPGs. 

Every Monday, I'll post an update to my current Major Project - a major RPG hack or long-form campaign, which will update in 12-14 parts over the course of three months. Every Friday, I'll post an update to my current Minor Project - a short one-month or two-month RPG or setting writeup. Patrons will be able to direct my attention by suggesting new things to work on, and voting on the things that are currently on my horizon. They'll also be able to join me in my Discord to chat about my updates. My projects are staggered so that a new one begins every month, and you'll be able to vote on where I direct my attention! 

When each campaign or game is finished, it will be assembled into a PDF for my backers. If you're not a backer, though, you can still read the individual updates, and see what I've been working on. 

For example, my campaigns will probably look something like The Sun's Court:ship, a previously completed campaign for Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine. My mini-RPGs will be something like Lambs to the Slaughter, the very first project completed as a part of this Patreon, and the only one to be freely available in a complete form to my non-backers.

So come along on this weird journey with me! 
$17 of $50 per month
At $50/month, I will commission artwork for my Patreon page banner and icon, in order to make things look a bit more professional around here!
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