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There are no benefits to this. For the time being all of my content on Patreon will be free. If you are locked out to the previous content, do not worry as it will all be transferred for FREE to where you can view it again once I get all caught up.

Yes, I am back. I need to finish what I started... You don't have to support me it's entirely optional.
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About Frizzle

MY PATREON. IS. FREE. Feel free to follow it without paying, you are not obligated to support me in any fashion and my tier doesn't offer any benefits. FREE. IT IS FREE.

I write giantess/size themed short stories and novels of an extended length. I absolutely love writing and am always trying to find ways to improve my writing both in regards to the fetish as well as the aspect of storytelling. I like to create meaningful characters, with extended backstories that my readers can feel connected to. Writing is my passion, and if you find yourself enjoying my works I'd be more than honored to have you as a supporter!

(Not all of my chapters/stories may be found on Patreon or DeviantArt, the entirety of my stories can all be found on Giantess World however as that is my primary location for uploading. Links below.)

DeviantArt is no longer included in my list of sites to update. I hate their formatting and it's too much of hassle for me, so I am only posting on Giantess World.

If you would like to contact me, you can message me through Patreon or if you'd prefer you can reach via email.

Check me out on Giantess World!

Want a commission? Send me your idea and I'll consider it.

[email protected]

Thank you for your support!

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