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First of all, thank you so much for stopping by
my little neighborhood. Please know I appreciate You so much❤️already

Get To Know Me 

Hi I’m Ana, a fierce mama bear of two cuties, 3 tortoises and a sassy budgie named Gigi. I am 30ish, ambidextrous and a tad dyslexic, a pretty creative brain and annoyingly busy hands.
I've been selling my drawings since I was little, My grandma has a stack of house doodles and rainbows marked $.25 to prove it. 
I was a total art geek in high school, I took all the classes fine art, drawing, painting, photography so I naturally followed that up with an artsy college. Which completely discouraged me, and broke my spirit. 

I lost my creative drive for about a decade then I scrolled upon Bullet Journaling and the planner community consumed me!
I enjoy tv, movies, tea, drawing everyday, planning, and fearlessly trying new mediums. In 2018 I took up making art videos for my YouTube channel.

 And now all I want to do is create and inspire! Art is important! And I think the world needs more beauty. I hope to create a little neighborhood on Patreon, to continue sharing my creations and stay focused on my craft and still pay the usual bills, you know. I am really excited to share All my ideas!

So, how does it work?
Well, if you're interested in becoming part of my little neighborhood then simply choose how much you’d like to pledge once or each month and you get some pretty cute stuff! Please
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Never feel obligated to continue your subscription, you are absolutely free to cancel
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this far.
Thank you for letting me be me and I’m so glad my art brings you joy✨


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