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FROMTBOT is a science magazine with incredible stories that will kindle your imagination

The name is a wordplay of From The Beginning of Time to exemplify the entirety of our universe and human endeavour to understand everything since then until now.

Our inspiration
Scientists now have sufficient evidence that our universe had a beginning and it is expanding since then. With this beginning, now popularly known as the Big Bang, everything including space and time (spacetime) came into existence. From the beginning of time until now therefore encompasses our entire Cosmos. Within this cosmos, our home is on planet Earth. Here, along with many other species of living beings, we constitute thus far the only known life forms in our cosmos. However, given the unimaginable immensity of our cosmos and the sheer number of galaxies, stars and their planets that exist in it, it is not difficult to imagine that life exists elsewhere as well. Whether we will ever be able to find life anywhere else other than earth is still a mystery. But what we can be absolutely sure of is that this life will always be made of the same matter as we are – the same stuff that stars, suns, planets, moons and galaxies and everything else is made of.
We believe that the scientific method has enabled humans to understand our cosmos accurately. But we have just begun and we can never know it all. Even so, we have already applied our understanding of the cosmos for our own benefits. Understanding the expanse of the universe is a spiritual experience and makes us realise how little we know of its working. Therefore, our scientific endeavour, which began from the beginning of time will continue as long as humankind exists in this cosmos.
FROMTBOT is a science magazine established with an inspiration from the above mentioned thoughts. Here, we aim to publish inspiring scientific stories that will kindle your imagination and understand the scientific process. By doing so on a regular basis, we want to nurture a scientific temperament that will help our readers to think logically and dismiss baseless assertions. If you are a scientist, student or a science enthusiast, we welcome you to sign up on our website and be a part of the community.

How we look at the universe
At FROMTBOT, we thought it would be apt to categorise our stories into 5 main categories based on our aforementioned thoughts, as follows –
  • COSMOS – Everything in our universe, beyond Earth
  • EARTH – The only known planet harbouring life
  • LIFE – Us and our cohabiting organisms
  • MATTER – the fundamental particles that make up everything
  • APPLIED – the application of scientific knowledge for our benefit

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