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It was a warm and sunny August afternoon in 2013 when Mark and I met at a Starbucks in Coquitlam. Over the previous weeks we had connected on Twitter and chatted mostly about the Vancouver Whitecaps so I creepily asked him for his email address and sent him my idea. He was interested and we decided to meet “in real life” to chat more about it.

At that particular point in time I had already developed the concept for a podcast about the Whitecaps. I had the name, the URL, the Twitter handle. I was still working on the logo and the website. All I needed was a partner to get the project rolling. We met, we chatted about what we wanted to talk about and we decided to give it a go. After three trial episodes that may never see the light of day, we published our very first episode on October 18, 2013.

If we are honest, when we began this enterprise, we did for ourselves. It was a fun project that allowed us to talk about our favourite sport and our favourite team. A lot has happened in the last 2 and a half years. We have produced over 120 podcast episodes and two TV shows. We have had the opportunity to work with great partners like Eighty Six Forever and TriCities Community Television. We have welcomed great guests to our show and we have contributed to other podcasts and radio shows. We now have a producer who helps us with our audio production. We have been able to become an accredited outlet to cover the Whitecaps, WFC2 and the Canadian National Team.

However, the biggest change that we have experienced is in our focus. We no longer do this just for ourselves. In fact, we now mostly do it for you, dear reader and listener. We have and will continue to commit our resources towards producing high quality coverage about the Whitecaps and football (yes, football).

In an effort to continue providing you with a unique voice, we are happy to announce that a new era in the life of From The Backline has begun.  We have now incorporated written content to our site. Running the site and the podcast have implied costs that so far we have covered out of pocket. We ask for your support so we can cover the costs of running the show and to continue improving its quality. Your support will also help us expand our coverage and create other fun projects for you.

It has been a wonderful and rewarding ride so far with the podcast. Today, just like that afternoon at a Starbucks in Coquitlam, we are excited about the future of our project and whatever it may bring. We have renewed enthusiasm to continue to grow and become better podcasters, better writers and better people so you can reap the benefits when you read or listen to our work and when you reach to us online or in real life. But more importantly, we are thankful for your continuing support. If you started listening in October of 2013, thank you. If you started listening in our latest episode, thank you. If you are decide to support our show, thank you.
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