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About Fulleylove

Hey there. I should probably introduce myself. Lets start with the basics. My full name is [#ERROR 404], I am 17 years old, and live in the capital city of tramps - Birmingham. I create YouTube videos which include (but are not limited to): traditional let's plays, livestreams, adult materal, skits, shorts, trash, clickbait, videos with only 30% of the facts, trailers, promotionals, rants, podcasts, reviews, and previews.

The Story.

"The fable of the nerdy boy, and his love for Mario Kart Wii, isn't a very interesting one, I'm afraid."
-Said nobdy in all of human history.
This boy loved Mario Kart. Played it day in, day out, night in, night out, from the crack of dawn until crack of dawn the following day. He not only loved the game, but he also loved sharing it with others, usually via the medium of livestream. Others loved watching - to get some mockery material for their groups chats - until the bitter end, until one day, this young genius finally had his momenet - his stroke of pure unfiltered geniusness. He would upload parts of his livestream to YouTube!

how original! So glad nobody ever did that before!

Well, jokes on you! It worked! Managed to get meself a solid 66 views. These videos however, were souly made for sharing with close friends. I ventured into other avenues, such as Euro Truck, making comedy shorts from my advertures around multiplayer. I began to get a rudimentary feel for video editing. and quite enjoyed the taste I got. I made the decision to start trying to reach for a wider audience, with OMSI 2. You & I could both consider this effort as unsucessful, as this videos were low in frames, quality, and effort. This was mostly down to underpowered hardware, at the time, so what do I do? Nothing. For nearly a year. Until, dun dun dun, I built a PC. This allowed me to do what I wanted to do, and actually run things smoothly, at the standard I could achieve at the time. I massively enjoyed livestreaming, and producing high quality garbage videos, and continued to push myself until...


This video allowed me to practise and show off what I had learnt in my time editing videos - which I had really started to become obsessed with. Not too long after a similar opportunity arose...


Again, this allowed me to get my work out there, in a huge way, as well as helping out a close friend.
I kept pushing my mind, to come up with new ideas, since every video at this point had a different intro, and I began to take a huge care over how my videos were presented. As time went on, I took more and more time on each and every single video, down to the thumnail, editing, pace, re-takes, feel and personality. Hopefully this all came across.

I also began to get a huge taste for livestreaming, and loved communicating to strangers over the internet, while they asked uncomfortable, and personal questions, which I refused to answer. This still continues to this day.
As of right now, I'm putting more effort than ever into the channel, taking much more care on thumbnails, intro's, themes, and have even started a new style of video, similar to what I call "video essays." More on this later.

This is my own venture into map making. Sponsoring me, comes with rewards involving Arkala upon release. I often stream progress and development of this map, on my channel.

Why a Patreon?
Everything described above has been done entirely for free, since I don't get paid via Twitch or YouTube. I haven't even mentioned the side projects and community work that I do. I don't ever ask for much but today, I ask for 2 things:
  1. Watch my channel trailer, to get an understanding of whats going on here
  2. To consider sponsoring an internet pleb like me. (no is always an answer.)


$2.15 of $10 per month
This is actually too much.
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