Full of Freckles is creating Plus size happy and cheerful illustrations

You are awesome !!

$1 /mo
Every reward will be fulfilled right after the payment of the month in question.

• A very big smile on my face every month because of your awesomeness!

• Your name on the cale...


You are freaking fantastic !

$5 /mo
• All the Tiers from $1 

• Every month a Full of Freckles Wallpaper for on your computer.

• Every 15th of the month a Full of Freckles colouring page to print out yourself. 

You're so sweet you make me blush.

$10 /mo
• All the Tiers from $1 -$5

• On your first month, a Thank you card in the mail.

• A forever 10% discount on my webshop

• On a very ordinary day in the year a card from...


WOW! You are absolutely WOW!

$25 /mo
• All the Tiers from $1 -$10

• Every month  a small print (20*14cm) send to you in the mail.

I am in aaww for you... WOW!

$50 /mo
• All the Tiers from $1 -$25

• The Full of Freckles Calendar of the upcoming year.

• A poster of your choice

• And if you are ever in the neighbourhood, Belgium/Netherl...