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About Full Spectrum Survival - Stay Safe and Keep Watch

Our second goal video and more survival card information:

Supporting between $1 - $5 a month makes a huge difference! When you decide to support our outreach at the $10 level is where we can really give back to you! Supporters at the $10 level receive Physical Survival Cards in the mail, from us, each and every single month. Kelley and I create a unique set of waterproof survival cards every single month, we mail these out with a monthly newsletter that we create and send it to you in the mail!

About us: 
Brad Harris and Full Spectrum Survival have created over 500 videos on Youtube where he creates and uploads survival and preparedness videos together with world news updates that increase the awareness of our friends and our family within the survival and preparedness communities. 

Together with his wife, Brad works to gather, research, and independently verify the events and news stories that matter the most to our communities and then discuss those events that are happening, that very day, and the ways that they will shape the outcome of our tomorrow while the elite and the mainstream work to keep this information hidden and secretive from the world. 

To help this outreach and this community grow, please consider pitching in. If everybody in the audience gave just one 3 cents a show -- that's $1 a month-- we'll stay in solid shape. Support at $10 per month and you'll not only get access to news, links, exclusive Patreon content, and discussions here, you will also receive our monthly waterproof survival cards in the mail. 

Help others become more aware by telling them about Full Spectrum Survival, sharing every video that you find important, tuning in to the uploads and emailing us.  

But if you can, we hope that you will consider backing us here so that we can give something more back to you! Thank you for helping us make a great show! Stay safe and keep watch - Brad and Kelley

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