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About fulmicoton

I'm a French software developer living in Japan, and I specialize in search engines.

Tantivy  [tantivy]

In 2015, I started reading the rust book and I was immediately sold to its value proposition. 
I started developing tantivy , a search engine crate. The project has grown steadily since then and we are now aspiring to become a serious alternative to Lucene.

This Patreon should help me pay for my cafe bills (I mostly code opensource in cafes), and if they get larger, they could help finance server costs to make a public search engine for common-crawl using tantivy.

The project also gave birth to a few side crates that are reusable by the rest of the community.

Bitpacking  [github]

A crate to compress integer using bitpacking. It is a port of Simdcomp from Daniel Lemire. It offers different codecs leveraging specific instruction set of your CPU when available. Each codec ships with a scalar implementation your older CPUs can fallback too at runtime. The decompression performance tops 4 billion integer/s.

Levenshtein-automata [github]

A state-of-the-art implementation of Levenshtein automata for rust. That library has also been ported by couchbase for the Go programming language.

Fast divide  [github]

Fast integer division (when the same divisor is used several times).

Outside of the rust world, I am also the author of

Fattable [github]

A javascript library to show gigantic 2D tables in your browser.
The library is used by several big data & data science commercial product.


A Java library to merge several regular expressions into one gigantic DFA.

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