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FUMBBL is a website dedicated to the board game Blood Bowl by Games Workshop. The site has been around for a very long time (since 2003) and has a loyal community of fans from all across the world.

Why Patreon?
Ever since the early beginnings, FUMBBL has had no ads. This has been a conscious decision made for a few reasons:
  1. Ads are annoying. This has become more and more so over the years with auto-play audio and video, full-screen takovers etc.
  2. Ads are insecure. With the prevalence of scripting and html5 and flash, ads have been used as a delivery mechanism for malware.
  3. Ads are not looking after your privacy. Ad networks track you using all sorts of techniques, trying to figure out what products they can push in your face that you are "more likely" to buy.
  4. Ads slow down page loads. Even with computer hardware and network infrastructure being orders of magnitude faster today than even a few years ago, the web isn't getting faster. It feels like page load times are getting slower and slower. This is a direct consequence of ads being designed using very very large frameworks and accessing sometimes dozens of external sites for every single ad.
These are completely unreasonable to me. Both as a web user and a website owner. I want FUMBBL to be a place where users aren't subjected to all this nonsense.

There is no getting around the fact that FUMBBL costs money to run. Power, bandwidth, domains, certificates, off-site backups, hardware, developer tools. This stuff adds up quite fast. While I've been taking direct one-time donations through the website for a long time, this is a model that doesn't work for everyone. Some people don't want to use PayPal while others have been asking for a way to do recurring donations in an easier fashion. This is where Patreon comes in.

With monthly donations through Patreon, I will have a better overview of incoming support from you, the fans of the site, and a better idea of whether or not the direct month-to-month costs are covered for the month. Later on, I am also hoping to be able to build up enough of a buffer to cover hardware costs (servers, networking equipment, etc) as a need to replace these things loom closer.

What will you do with the money?
The money pledged will be used to pay for the direct costs of running the website. Beyond that, the money will be used to pay for hardware replacements and upgrades as the need crops up, and in the extension allowing me to offset the cost of the development environment I need to actually develop the site. If there is enough money to cover more than that, it's not impossible that I will end up doing occasional prizes for people who win major tournaments.

How much should I pledge?
The pledge levels are set up to match player levels in the game. This is mostly because it's a fun thing to do and not because I expect anyone to actually pledge the higher levels. The rewards are all the same: A gold supporter token on your account on the website (well, after I figure out how to actually map a Patreon user to their website account), and any additional website icons given out during fund raisers (for things such as hardware upgrades).

If you don't have a lot of money, I urge you to simply not donate or pledge. The website will be there for you either way. If you do have money to spare, pick a level you are comfortable with.

I am very greatful for any pledge or donation made to help keep the site up and running regardless of size and am always amazed at people's generosity.

Thank you! If you choose to support FUMBBL directly and become a Patron, that's amazing! If you choose not to, I still hope you stick around the site regardless and continue playing the game. There are plenty of ways to contribute other than direct monetary means and I'm always happy to see people simply interacting on the forums or joining in our chat on Discord.
$416 of $500 per month
In addition to the direct server costs, this goal also covers the cost of the development platform (hardware and software).
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