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Official patron status. This means you'll get access to the patron-only feed AND the endless appreciation for joining the team.  You'll get to read FunDead short stories exclusive to our Patrons, as well as early viewing of stories in upcoming anthologies before they release! We'll also post our upcoming call for submissions on Patreon FIRST, to give our Patrons the creative edge!   Of course, there's always bragging rights, and who doesn't enjoy a good brag?
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You get everything our $1 contributors get PLUS entry into a monthly giveaway that could include, books, music, art prints, tshirts, pins, and much, much more!  Access to patron ONLY information.  10% off at the FunDead Shop!
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You get everything previously mentioned as well as special access to Patreon Only polls that will help us decide on future content and publications. You'll be directly involved in the planning process!
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The helper! Because you're so helpful, we're going to send you snarky Undead Self-Help pamphlets, as well as other FunDead swag! You'll get exclusive Patron-Only discounts for the FunDead Shop! You will also receive all previous rewards and access PLUS Double Entry into all Patreon drawings!
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We want to thank you by adding your name to the acknowledgements in our next book release, as well as all previous rewards! Because you're so amazing, you will receive a copy of ANY new release from FunDead Publications. For example, if we release a book in July, you'll get a copy of that book in the next Patreon mailing after the release date! We'll also send a personalized 'thank you' note! This gets you access to all previous rewards, as well!  Thank you so much!
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 You're amazing! You will get all previous Patreon rewards, including a shiny new copy of EVERY FunDead new release as they come out. We'll also personalize those copies, and throw in some extra surprises. We'll even send you special items, like t-shirts and gifts no one else gets!
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We cannot thank you enough, but we'll sure try by sending you a special surprise gift box filled with exclusive FunDead merch, t-shirts, signed & personalized books, plus all previous rewards.  You're incredible, and because you are, we'll be sending you all sorts of fun stuff throughout the year. You might even see signed art prints and exclusive, one-of-a-kind items!




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About FunDead Publications

FunDead Publications is a small, independent publisher in Salem, MA.  We pride ourselves in quality print publication, as well as ebook publishing in the horror and gothic genres.  Currently, we are a small, two-person team and we are hoping to build a larger following and gain more funding so we can produce content faster for our audience.  We hope to eventually release one anthology per quarter and Patreon can help us do that!  YOU can help us do that.

What does my contribution actually fund?
Your contributions will go directly to support the cost of editing, design, printing, and distribution.  You could be covering the cost of anything from amazing cover art design, to printing an extra 100 copies of the latest anthology!  You could be helping with the cost of our domain, or a shiny new web site, or even things you didn't know yielded a cost to a publisher- bar codes, international distribution, booth space at conventions.

Furthermore, we market and support our writers.  We do our very best to get the word out, not only about our publications, but also about those involved.  By supporting us, you are supporting a number of amazing writers across the globe.  You'll be helping us reach new readers, and in turn, helping our writers reach a new audience.

$8 of $200 per month
This amount will help keep FunDead afloat and help us pay for our usual expenses, such as printing costs, cover art, marketing, IT, web space, etc. It's tough keeping a new business going when the money comes from your own pocket, you'll be helping FunDead move forward and release new and better content each time!
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