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Doomsday exists as a small labour of love, pulling extensively researched tales of trauma and woe from the fog of time for your amusement and educational benefit. We re-live them to keep the lessons of history alive. We believe these tales of historical horror are too spectacular and unbelievable not to share.

Sleep Manuals is a counter to the spiking trend of sleep-assistant podcasts. The similarity ends there. Our team of professional idea lab engineers brainstormed and researched the most sleep inducing content concept possible. 

We believe all podcasts function a little like sad little Tinkerbells. If you don’t applaud them and occasionally support them in any small way you can – unlike the subjects of our show who die fantastically and theatrically – a podcast will die and fade away quietly. This is why we ask, if you love the show as much as we love bringing it to you and can spare a buck a month to help cover the costs of research, recording and editing, we thank you and promise to not let you down.

You can also head over to our partner site Evil Reindeer Garment Company to grab official swag, barf bags and other goodies inspired by our shared experience on the show. You can also join us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook and feel free to follow/like our pages for updates and extra goodies.

Doomsday and Sleep Manuals are Funeral Kazoo productions on the Anchor.FM network and can be found on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherOvercastRadioPublicBreakerCastBox and Anchor for your listening pleasure!

We thank you so much for listening and apologize if we ever made you sick to your stomach. Your support makes all this possible, and we look forward to continuing to bring you amazing and interesting content till the end of days.

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