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Canadian icon Ed the Sock is back and he’s bringing the spirit of classic MuchMusic with him!   Honest, unpredictable, relevant & irreverent content featuring current affairs/politics/comedy/music/movies – all with the sly, subversive spontaneity of classic Much and Ed the Sock's unique ability to say what we're all thinking - better than we could say it.  After his critically acclaimed, Cross-Canada, "War On Stupid" Tour Ed and The FU_Network launched #FU_Politics on Canada Day, 2019, rocketing up the iTunes Charts, playing footsy with The New York Times, and blowing past the mainstream, Canadian Competition, big corporations with deep pockets.  Next up is #FU_Music, including all-new Fromage, band interviews, and tonnes of new Ed The Sock original content.  And perhaps most importantly, finally, a platform for everyday Canadians to share their voice, their music, their comedy, and bring Canadians back together.  Because The FU stands for, well that too, but also... For Us.
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Need to raise a base amount of money to keep the lights on and keep the FU_Network going and growing! We're up and running. My studio in Angri-La is creating content.  I'm going out to music festivals and interviewing bands and average Canadians.  It's all happening.  The #WarOnStupid live tour was a tremendous success.  #FU_Politics is only a few weeks old and is already trouncing the competition.  #FU_Music launches next (Including all new, original Fromage) along with the official http://FUNetwork.TV website, which includes a store with merchandise including Ed The Sock Socks and Ed T-Shirts!
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