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About mpj

Thank you so much for being (or considering becoming) a patron of Fun Fun Function!

I have quit my job at Spotify, and I am now part-time consultant and the other part of my time will now be dedicated to Fun Fun Function. Fun Fun Function is now officially my proper part-time job, instead of something that I cram in on the weekends.

So today I am asking you, if you want, to become a Patron of Fun Fun Function.

As a patron, you chip in a few bucks every month - whatever amount you feel is appropriate. I will use your money to keep the show free for everyone and make the show better. As a patron, you also get some rewards - most importantly the newly opened Fun Fun Forum.

Who is mpj?
Who is it that you’re giving your hard earned money to?

I am mpj (short for Mattias Petter Johansson, it's a Swedish name, and I live in Sweden)

I have been a full-time developer for over 13 years. I have worked in many places, but the brands you might know are Spotify, Absolute Vodka and Blackberry. My primary language is JavaScript, but I’ve coded in a lot of languages over the years, including Smalltalk (in Danish). My internet fame was built on Quora, where I found that I really enjoyed answering questions and explaining things about programming, and I ended up writing over a thousand answers there before I moved on to becoming a YouTuber. 

My schooling is actually not software, it’s in theatre and TV production. So, basically, I’ve done a lot of programming, I’ve done lot of writing and explaining programming, and I’ve done a lot of acting and video production, and when you combine those skills together, out comes a programming show.

Which leads us to ...

What is Fun Fun Function?
What is the show really about and why is it worth your patronage? Well, two years ago, I started Fun Fun Function because I wanted there to be a show about programming. Not a database of tutorials and courses, a show. A regular show with an different topic every week, with an entertaining host that explains things well, with the purpose of keeping you curious and excited about the programming craft. Basically, the purpose of Fun Fun Function is to keep programming fun.

Keeping the show free
When you become a patron, you help keep the show free for everyone. Most quality programming videos today are behind paywalls. There is nothing wrong with that, but that’s not what I want to do with Fun Fun Function - I want the show to have as widespread impact as possible, so I want it to be freely available to everyone.

Ok, mpj, but why Patreon, can’t we fund the production with ads?

Well, the advertising model is problematic, because it forces the creator into a race for views. Creators that win this race do so by making tons of content, with low production cost, often daily, often news, often "clickbaity" and as mainstream as possible. And all that is the opposite direction of where I want Fun Fun Function to go.

The Patreon model is so much more healthy than the ad model, because it is you, the Patrons, who fund the show, so it’s only you that I will need to care about. Views, likes, algorithms, advertisers, news, clickbait - with Patreon, we don’t need that anymore.

Instead of racing for views, the business model becomes both simple and healthy:
Make patrons happy.

Speaking of making patrons happy …

The show stays free, but as a patron, you get some rewards as thanks for you support. There is live stream stuff, code reviews, ad-free audio downloads, me sending you mail (you can see the specific rewards elsewhere on this page) but the reward I am most excited about is the Fun Fun Forum, which is a reward all Patrons get, even if you pledge just $1.

My goal for the forum is to create a friendly, familiar, fun place where you can have structured discussions with me and other programmers.

Whenever I show my comment field to other YouTubers, they turn green with envy. You are smart, you are polite, you are insightful and call me on my shit. But the YouTube comment system, as a piece of technology, is (CUT to screaming into a pillow) buggy and primitive. Trying to have structured discussion about programming in the YouTube comment system is like trying to poop out a rack-mounted server. You really. deserve. better.

The Fun Fun Forum is powered by Discourse, that has code highlighting, real time updates, search, all the good stuff. The forum is going to be moderated by yours truly. I have a background in moderating forums so I’m really looking forward to getting back into it. I’m going to be very hands on, and I’m going try to nurture a friendly and fun place where we can get to know one another, welcome and educate new programmers, and have interesting discussions about code and work and life.

I also hope to have a lot of discussions about the show itself - where you assume the role of my executive producers - giving me feedback, ideas and inspiration - having a back and forth with you before ideas turns into episodes.

Make the show better
Finally, as a Patron, you help make the show better. Because the more patrons we have, the more time and money I can pour into the show, and the higher production value we can go for. That means more production time and polish, but I’m also hoping that we can travel, and visit interesting companies, and interview famous programmers. If we get really big, we will be able to do more elaborate shows with production teams - if we get to that point, then we need to discuss how do we take Fun Fun Function to a new level? Do we want to create the Mythbusters of Programming? Do we want to start a Fun Fun Conference? I don’t know, but I would love to find out.

So, If you want to support the production of Fun Fun Function, get some cool rewards, and a friendly and fun place to have discussions with me and other programmers then please, do become a patron today. 

If you have any questions or thoughts, please email them to me at [email protected]

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