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You love Fungo's content and don't care who knows it! Let the world know by having your name and seal of approval displayed proudly in the credits of every production. Support the future of the content you enjoy without having to break the bank. You can even get a special Discord role that really stands out at the top of the member list with some special permissions! Until the very end, you're up top, staying LOUD & PROUD!

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You not only love Fungo's content & want to make it known, but you greatly appreciate his vast history as a content creator. You'd like to take a big step into the past & enjoy his first steps from an electronic musician to the high-energy Twitch streamer you now know. Whether you're a long-time fan or a recent follower, you'd like to witness Fungo IN THE MAKING.

  • ACCESS to my first two electronic music albums!
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    * Please message me your Twitch account username. I will periodically (on breaks, at the start & end) use an "!so" command, which visually displays your channel & posts a link in chat.
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You not only love Fungo's content, but you want all the content! So, what better than a YouTube channel updated with content, just for you? Fungo has a long & diverse history as a content creator. You've enjoyed his music, his many YouTube collaborations, and/or his solo endeavours. You sense a future of quality content, better realized with your support. To you, Fungo's no “jack of all trades, master of none”. As such, you become the MASTER OF ALL.

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to YouTube channel & content!*
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    * This channel contains exclusive videos and music, including archived livestreams, early previews, scrapped & unreleased content, and much, much more! Updated monthly, with more to come!
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Hello fans and friends!

Content creation on YouTube and Twitch is my career; my only job and source of income. Being an entertainer is what I've always felt I was born to do and I greatly enjoy doing it. Because I cannot survive on ad revenue alone, I rely completely on you. The subscriptions and cheered bits on Twitch make up the majority of my income and how I'm able to survive. Patreon support is more of a supplement to my income, but mostly a nice way to save for future upgrades. As a patron to the channel, you unlock exclusive perks depending on your tier of support while also funding the advancement of the content you enjoy! If you love the effort I put into what I do and would like to see the content improve and grow, please consider becoming a patron!

I am a Twitch and YouTube Partner. Due to financial stress, around a year ago I moved to Twitch in order to create live content to much success. I am known for my quality YouTube videos on Souls Lore, No-BS Guides, and Fungo Review, but I am most known for my work regarding the Silent Hill series with the website Silent Hill Media and The Real Silent Hill Experience, a long documentary series I created in collaboration with Twin Perfect. I tend to do deep and analytical dissections of video games while being incredibly emotive and silly, hence the catch phrase "Putting it Simply and Sillily".

This is Patreon, a well-respected site a lot of content creators utilize to gain funding from their viewers. It's a month-by-month support system. Via several funding methods you can pledge money and it will be deducted in the first few days of every month. Just $1 minimum is all it takes to show your support, and if 100 people pledge $1, then that's $100! It adds up and that's what I hope for. Also, this keeps me independent from advertisers and sponsors for good, allowing me to focus more on the content.

Like any job that you dump countless hours into, you would like some sort of financial security. Through your valuable support on the Twitch platform, I am able to survive, but sometimes it's just not enough to keep the lights on. Twitch gets a 50% cut from all subscriptions, but Patreon only takes 5%. I don't receive much in ad revenue, either. I wouldn't be able to continue putting all my energy into the content you enjoy without your support. I rely completely on you. Becoming a patron of mine, you can supplement my Twitch and YouTube income to ensure I'm fed and well, while also making it possible for me to afford various upgrades. Thank you for understanding!
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A fast, new computer!

The last goal was to ensure I can start putting away funds every month just to put right back into the streams. At this goal, I can start putting funds towards a new streaming computer. I can buy a part or two every month until I got all the parts I need to build the fastest computer I can possibly get. This will help a lot with the streams as I can run more applications without fear of slow-down & reduce the lag I get when switching scenes.
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