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Poll Dancing
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With this tier, you get to vote on various topics, like what toys you want to see next, what materials I should focus on or learn to work with, that sort of thing. This lets me know what areas to focus on, but will not get me to make a toy called "Vibey McVibeface". Some vote options will be serious, most will be jokes. I like to think the jokes are what you're paying for. 

Flat Pack
per creation

Want stickers? You want this tier.

You can also get whatever else I can make flat and fit in an envelope. Business card, handwritten note, ask and ye shall receive, within reason.

You also get the 2 dollar reward.

High Five
per creation

Low risk, low reward monthly discount code for your expected Funkit purchases. 5% off everything in the store. Most discounts only apply to made items, but this also works for custom toys. Plus, you get poll access.




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About Funkit Toys

Funkit Toys is an ongoing experiment in how few people it takes to make a new sex toy every month. The answer, so far, has been one, with some feedback from testers and friends, but after a year of that, I'm looking to get some help. 

"Help" here is shorthand for "money". I'm aware it's only one letter shorter, but minimizing waste is an important part of the Funkit design philosophy, and that saved 20% on characters.

Which leads to the question, why should you money me? That depends: 
  • Would you like to be able to see the future?
  • What are your thoughts on early bird access to sales?
  • Have you ever coveted the unimaginable power of having a small say in what a small company does?
  • Do you like discounts?
  • How do you feel about tiny dildos?

All these and more are things you can get in exchange for your help here.
"Help" still means money.

Kenton is a former chef and former respectable member of civilized society who can't stop picking up new skills and likes putting "fucksmith" on his business cards.
$336 of $514 per creation
This is the minimum I have spent on a convention. Iwt is a large number, and includes having eaten homemade lentils for almost every meal.

I would like to go to more conventions, and if we reach this goal, I'll be doing at least three more conventions a year, and you can help me pick!*

Kenton will not give up his Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, so anything early August that isn't that is well and truly out of the question.
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