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Hey it's me, Ravi!

I'm the founder and, for the longest time, have been the only developer on Just the fact that you're here tells me that you've thought about the time and effort that's gone into making FunNode. Thank you.

I started FunNode to learn Node.JS and make a card game that I grew up playing, called Kachuful (also known as Judgment and Oh Hell!). What started as a hobby has become a part-time job as I try to keep-up with requests from players to implement new features and games.

While continuing to improve the site, the short-term goal is to add scheduled tournaments and more incentives for players to subscribe. I want to hire more developers also -- this will improve turnaround times for fulfilling the requests for new features and games!

While it goes without saying that I appreciate your financial support, I will say it nontheless. Thank you! I greatly appreciate it.

Warm Regards,



BTW, if you have comments/questions/suggestions for anything pertaining to FunNode, please give me a shout.
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