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Just $1 USD/month gets you secret links to uncut video & audio episode downloads, which contain both the pre and post-show unedited.

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For $5 USD/month, you can get your name (or social media username) shouted out during each episode. You submit your shoutout using the link on the donate page of our website.

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For $7 USD/month you can get an extended slogan shoutout for your business, community, website or heck maybe just a funny quote.  You submit your shoutout using the link on the donate page of our website. 




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FurCast is a weekend comedy podcast centered around the furry fandom. It's a show we absolutely love to produce and it's all possible because of all the support we get from our fans, even if most of them are irl animals that can't use the internet with paws.

But if YOU can use the internet with paws, or hooves, or talons, or fins, or... we'd love it if you would consider supporting our show!

Why are we doing a Patreon?
FurCast is a net loss for us. We've been sinking most if not all of our spendable cash on producing the show for years. ...And to be honest, we're gonna keep doing so! But what if we could make the show even better?

What's the money for?
We have many costs in producing the show, including but not limited to:
  • Virtual servers, dedicated servers, colocated servers
  • Studio equipment maintenance
  • Graphic design and branding work
  • Improving the show, upgrades to the studio
  • Content Delivery Network costs
  • Bandwidth, domains reservations, IP reservations, phone numbers
  • and more!
As stated above, this has all come mostly out of our own pockets, and still will. FurCast does not make us any revenue except for donations, and that's perfectly okay! We're not in this for cash we're in this to be ourselves and have fun with you guys!

Do patrons get access to exclusive content?
No. Patrons will get some easy access downloads, but the contents of those downloads is available for free in other ways. Everything we do is free and available to anyone. Yes, even foxes.

Why would you make your content available to foxes?
Look, they uh... they take care of some things for us...

Wait, so then what to patrons get?
Convenience features, such as episode downloads that contain the pre-show and post-show recorded for them, recognition like shoutouts, advertising, and more stuff coming very soon!

What if I support your patreon but then give the pre/post show files to some friends?
HOW DARE Y- nah kidding that's totally cool. The files won't have any DRM. At the end of the day, everything original we produce is Public Domain CC0 anyway. We're happy you're spreading our content!

I don't like patreon but I still want to support you!

That's okay! First off, just being our fan, enjoying yourself and being a part of our community is awesome enough. That said, we also have Paypal and other donation options available via our website or if you contact us. Also, if you have a unique skill set or something creative you'd like to contribute, do drop us a line - furcast @ furcast.fm

What if I want to support XBN in general, not just FurCast?
For now and for the foreseeable future, the support goes to the same place. Of all our various production work FurCast happens to have the most active community, so that's why it gets a Patron page. In reality, we're XBN and you'd be supporting XBN.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 171 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 171 exclusive posts

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