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Discord Dungeon Guard Role:

Ability to view server dungeons where muted members are placed and the ability to view and send messages in the femboy underworld (un-moderated anarchy chat for prisoners).

Discord Donator Role:

Shows your support for the server.

Multi-Collaring (If 18+):

If you are 18, you may now collar up to 3 pets instead of 1!

Increased Crown Rate:

Donators will earn 10% more crowns!

Includes Discord benefits
per month

DJ Discord Role:

Allows control of the music bot.

Upgraded Multi-Collaring (18+):

If you are 18+, you can now collar up to 5 pets instead of 1.

Meme Sonas:

Server sonas of any type (even memey/troll-like) may be made as long as they adhere to Discord ToS.

Underlord Guard:

This role is granted in place of the dungeon guard role. It not only gives the original permissions but allows the managing of messages and sending of pictures in femboy underworld. Not that all material must still adhere to Discord ToS.

(Includes previous tier rewards)

Includes Discord benefits
Demon Slayer
Limited (23 of 30 remaining)
per month

Custom Colored Tag:

A custom role can be made with any(*) name but it will not be listed separately from other members (will show below your name on Discord as a tag). The tag can be any color but it will not change your actual name color in chat (decided by level).

Custom Response Command:

A custom bot command will be made allowing you to type a phrase and have it respond with another (both of your own choice). Must still follow server guidelines.


1 emoji can be given to be added to the server emoji list. Note that this emoji can not be overly troll or NSFW, but it can be almost anything that abides by Discord ToS.

(*) Must be SFW and within server chat rules.

(Includes previous tier rewards)

Includes Discord benefits




per month


Welcome to Furry Royale's Patreon page!

Furry Royale is a furry Discord server that was created in April of 2018. We've been working hard to build a community of furries that isn't as heavily moderated as other servers. We aim to bring a bit of freedom while staying within Discords rules. 

All the money from our Patreon will go back into;
  • Server Advertisement
  • Premium Bot Memberships
  • Our Custom Bot Hosting
  • Our Website Hosting
  • Giveaways

I hope to see you all on the server, and I sincerely thank you all for your support! Every dollar helps! 

Official banner art coming soon!
$160 - reached! per month
When we reach $160 a month the server will pay for its own upkeep which will allow us to bring back weekly giveaways and pay for new features!
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