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The absolute core priority of Furry Valley is to provide a real, loving, long-term home and family for furries and fur-friends. There are some wonderful people in the fandom who have no one who truly cares about them in the 'real world'. This kind of isolation is tragic, and we're putting a stop to it. Loneliness and depression kill. We are a lifeline to many, as shown by the fact that several of our members have spent half their lives with us.

When I was younger, I would have given anything to have this community: people who actually gave a damn about me, encouraged me, nurtured me. Furry Valley in its modern form is a gift to my younger self, who had none of that - and of course to present-day furries who are in exactly the same spot as I was all those years ago.

We began as a small gathering of furries in the online game RuneScape back in 2005. As time has passed, we have grown into a thriving furry social community, with over 30,000 members.

We have around 40 events per week, with 150 active staff members supporting our efforts with their amazing, selfless work.

At our size, costs are rising, and so for the first time since our inception ~15 years ago, we are asking for financial help to ensure we can continue to bring you amazing things well into the future.

Thank you for sharing our journey! :3

Simba (Leader of Furry Valley)

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