is creating Free Accessible Music Training for Charities and Schools
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all the $5 donations will enable me to reduce the costs of current training with my 1-2-1 clients and even provide free training. More $5 donations means I can identify more disabled clients who need economic support and help with making music.
School Training!
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This donation will give 1/2 a day accessible music training in a school/charity/hospital - for every $100 equals 1/2 a days training. I will give evidence of the training, a THANK YOU from the training centre and link you in directly to feedback, outcomes and legacy of that training. 




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I am Rebecca  - I run FUSED MUSIC  - I am a music educator (BA Hons, MA, PGCE) with over 20 years music teaching experience in  Schools, Colleges and Hospitals.

I am a specialist in Accessible Music Technology (Eyegaze, Soundbeam, Switches, Skoog, Apollo Ensemble). My current clients include a Professor with Locked-In-Syndrome at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, a DJ who DJ's with his eyes and a group of young adults with Autism who make music together once a week.

I am passionate about Capacity Building and want you to help me to provide FREE Accessible Music technology training in  to schools/charities/training organisations and hospitals. I want  to train facilitators to be able to be equipped to provide music tuition and therapy to their disabled students and clients.

I would like  you to help me enable as many  hospitals, schools etc to be versed in how accessible technology can help their disabled pupils and clients learn how to make music or how to use accessible technology in rehabilitation!

I would like you to help me to offer my services for FREE so that everybody can access this specialised skill regardless of economic status.  I need your help in funding my work directly so that every cent/penny goes into training and R+D.

Any money that comes into this fund through PATREON will be transparent - and directly fed back into my time so that we can increase access to music for disabled children and adults.

Thank you!

$0 of $500 per month
If we reach $500 a month I will start a podcast interviewing OUR regular clients with any music performed and composed. I will then interview key people in accessible music tech and provide information on accessible music tech in education.
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