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Pokemon - Includes 

  • +48 MEGA Evolution Pokemon! (includes animation)
  • Shiny Button (Make Shiny Pokemon)
  • +50 Pokemon! (Alternative Forms) 
  • +11 GEN 8 Pokemon!
  • +2 Movie Pokemon!
  • All GEN 7 Pokemon!
  • All Alolan Forms!
  • +20 Background & Upload Button
  • All Stickers Unlocked!
  • 3X More past fusions saved in Sticker mode!
  •  HD downloads

Dragon Ball - Includes

  • NEW Art Mode (200+ Stickers)!
  • SSB Evolved/Evolution Transformation!
  • Ultra Instinct MASTERED Transformation! 
  • Choose between Blue/Rose freely.
  • +20 CHARACTERS (inc. LSS Broly)  
  • Full Access to All Sticker Mode locked content!
  • Ultra Instinct Transformation!
  • Kaio-Ken
  • SSJ4 Transformation!
  • All textures
  • All Filters/Backgrounds 
  • Saiyan blood option (transform none saiyans)
  • HD downloads

 Digimon - Includes  

  • +19 Monsters!
  • Full texture pack
  • More Filters/Backgrounds

    +All previous tier rewards.
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Get early access to unreleased characters, features and backgrounds as they come.

 +All previous tier rewards. 



About Japeal Fusion Generator

Japeal Fusion Generator is a parody fan-art generator website with custom sprites that allows you to fuse 1000s of "what if?" characters/monsters and even transform/evolve them.

Also you can change the colors, add textures and use the fused characters in various filters such as the one below.

We are creating this page to help support the project and to allow us to upgrade the server, add even more characters, features and transformations. http://JAPEAL.COM

100% complete

Right now our servers are in dragon ball terms "Kaioken" level. We need to upgrade them to SSJ level to deal with the large amounts of traffic every day.

This will also speed up the website so fusions wont take so long to load.

You can fuse 24/7 at max speed!
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