is creating very slowly, but still drawing... you're all wonderful, thanks!

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Tier 1 - A tip jar. Thanks for helping me continue make what I make! You get:

  • My everlasting gratitude.
  • All my artwork at regular size.
  • Sketches and WIPs before everywhere else!


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Tier 2 - Thanks for helping even more. Along with Tier 1's rewards, you get:

  • High-resolution artwork.
  • PSDs with notes for some drawings.
  • Suggest drawing ideas when I'm not overworking myself. 😅



About Futomomomoe

Yoohoo, just want to note, if you wanna become a patron and the month is almost over, consider waiting a day or two till the next month starts, because I charge up front and it'll charge twice in a short time period. Just want to be fair, and that seems a little unfair. :C

And another thing, you can check whether I've paused billing 
here. If it says paused for the current month, it just means I've failed the universe and haven't finished a full drawing in a while. D: I'll still be drawing when this happens, but I can't prevent Patreon from charging new patrons while paused, just as a heads up.


Hello! I'm a NSFW artist that draws bunnygirls, office-ladies, and Fire Emblem. That's about it, sorry for being boring. :')

I do work a little slowly because I'm trying not to kill my drawing arm completely, so please bear with me not updating at bunny-making speeds.

Finally, just to avoid any misunderstandings, don't try this at home! The stuff in my artwork is not how I feel about bunnies, people, romance, relationships or plants in real life. Fuzzy tails and general hedonism are nice and all, but washing your hands, using protection, and wearing pants are all  seriously good ideas.

What I Make

I draw pretty much only R18/NSFW lesbian/WLW content, so if that's not something you like, then you're out of luck (unless I can convince you to join the bunnygirl religion; we have fun and informative pamphlets.)

Besides fanart, personal projects include a setting that involves no pants and with lots of bunnygirls. You'll probably see a bunch of that here as I develop it.

There's also some office ladies. They generally don't have pants either.

What You Get

Tier 1 is a tipjar, which helps me keep making the stuff I'm already making. You get a whole lot of gratefulness from me. There's also WIP images, sketches and other fun stuff here.

At Tier 2 you'll get the same as above, along with stuff like high resolution versions of all my current and past art, plus a few PSDs showing how a drawing progressed with a few notes from me. Also there will usually be a suggestion thread to contribute ideas (when I don't have other special projects going on).

There is no Tier 3. Yet. D:

If you have any suggestions on how to improve what I've got here, please let me know! I'm just winging it really.


Feel free to pledge if you like what I make and can manage it. If you need to pause or stop supporting for whatever reason I complete understand! Most of my artwork is posted on other social media sites, so if you can't support here, you're welcome to check it out there instead.

Thank you very much for stopping by and for your support!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 106 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 106 exclusive posts

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