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Thank you. We know paying for information on the internet is rare, and we don't take it for granted. 

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Hey, seriously thank you, that's incredibly generous. The support will really help us. 

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About Future Crunch

Once every two weeks, we gather mind-blowing, life-affirming, good news stories from around the world that didn't make it into the evening news, and send them out in our newsletter. It's a fortnightly dose of science, technology and optimism called The Crunch.

Here's our pitch.

Do you think that good quality content and curation is worth paying for? Do you think that it's something that should be rewarded? If the answer is yes, then please join us. 

We're taking all the money we raise here, and giving it away to individuals and organisations that are using science, technology and human ingenuity to make good stuff happen. In other words...




We're going to gather up all of your pledges, and give them to small organisations, social initiatives or charities that are using science and technology to do great things in the world. Telescopes for kids who've never seen the planets, reproductive health information via Trojan Horse apps, 3D printed prosthetics for people who've never been able to afford them, anti-poaching crack ranger squads, wi-fi systems for refugees... you get the picture. 

We don't just want to break everyone out of the bad news bubble - we want to transform our community of readers into one that actively helps bring a better world into existence. 

You trust us to curate good content. Now we're asking you to trust us to find people all over the world that are making good things happen, and lend them a helping hand.

$2,030 of $3,000 per creation
If we reach this level, well, then we're really talking. At this point we're starting to really help. $3.000 can keep a small group going for a few more weeks. It can buy equipment, materials, pay for things that people who are running social initiatives would never otherwise be able to afford. We'd be making a genuine difference.
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