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About Khôra Project

We want everyone to contribute their voice to a special kind of cultural process that reveals the complex makeup of our collective understanding and will. The interactive space that we envision for this open intellectual process will hold the multiplicity of perspectives so to attract similarities of thought and to engage coherent differences. Within and between liquid communities of the like-minded, differences of perspective are elaborated. This openness to coherent dissensus is fertile ground for mutually engaging critical reflection. People need to encounter differences of perspective so as to critically develop understanding, however we also need coherent media environments that are conducive to unobstructed expression, meaningful contextualization, critical reflection, mutual learning, and political organization.

Our project is not interested in political ends. We seek new political means that obsolete rule by bureaucratic hierarchy. As distributed technological infrastructure is being developed by pioneering tech communities, we all should be looking ahead and readying ourselves philosophically for an evolving media future that is fast making way for creative holarchy. Our mission is to share a vision of collective intelligence, to promote its discussion, and to forward the pragmatic redesign of the tools available to democratic peoples for self-representation and collective sensemaking. We see holarchical self-governance as a natural law revealed in the all organisms and all ecological systems. Our work is dedicated to the liberation of all Earth communities.
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