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is creating Smart Tactical Content & Technology to help shape the future!
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About Future Productions Films Limited

Hi Krish here - I have a small content production company called "Future Productions Films" that helps content creators to keep creating content in an innovative and functional way with a view to ultimately help shape our planet for the better.

I want to share my ideas with other content creators via my new platform called "The Content Tech Division" and then put my DIY ideas and tutorials out there on YouTube in the hopes that we can work together to improve the industry.

I have produced a lot of content for brands, charities and agencies and I have helped my friends to do this as well. I just want to keep doing what I love in a fair and ethical way, creating great technological solutions and reviews that help to educate and inspire people.

Please support me and I will try my best to support you with my ideas and tutorials!

Thanks for the support guys!

Future Productions Films Ltd
Content Creator / Producer & Inventor

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With the first $100 support I will shout and credit all Patreon members that supported, as well as offer a video editing freebie that I created for my channel. Furthermore 15% of all profits will be used for charitable causes and the remainder will be used to buy tools and parts to keep making YouTube vlogs, tutorials and other videos. All money raised will be used directly for charitable causes and the support of the YouTube channel.
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