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is creating sociocultural & neurobiological research on media and technology
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About futurePerfect lab

futurePerfect lab harnesses the power of pop culture, emerging technology and neuroscience to ignite culture change by working in creative partnership with social justice organizations to engineer their messages for mass appeal.

Our non-profit think-do-tank serves as both a sandbox for experimentation and a feedback loop to increase the impact of our creative services. PURPOSE: 1) scientifically examine neurobiological impact, and use this knowledge to create more effective multi-media engagement campaigns, 2) rapid prototype and develop abstract-able emerging, open source tools & platforms easily repurposed by other non-profits, and 3) catalyze temporary, interdisciplinary incubators to query & solve 21st century problems using pop culture and emerging technology.

We're currently developing an open-source biometric lab and AI system to isolate the narrative ingredients that move us to act. We're a team of artists, scientists & creative technologists who are trying to figure out what are the most salient and galvanizing ingredients across media forms to enable NGOs, cultural and educational organizations to create more effective media. Our goal is to map the first media genome.

We would love for you to join us on this journey!


Heidi Boisvert, Founder & CEO.

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