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Congratulations! You've found the Fuzzballs Patreon page. You've earned yourself a pat on the back for being so awesome.

What is Fuzzballs?
If you're reading this you probably already know, but for those that stumbled across here Fuzzballs is a super Kawaii character brand that started as a tumblr web comic in 2013. It became super popular and now we have over 300 different Fuzzballs products from Shirts and Dresses to Stationery and Homeware. You can find out all about the Fuzzballs at www.fuzzballs.co

Why should i support Fuzzballs on Patreon?

Do you love Fuzzballs? Do you want to see us keep releasing free content and do stuff we couldn’t do without your support? Do you want rewards? What about exclusive discount codes? Would you like to receive unique rewards and gifts in the post? What about exclusive products just for Patrons that can only be created thanks to those that support us? Would you hate for us to disappear? If you answered yes to any one of these, that’s why you should join. We do all of this and more for our supporters because we are 100% funded by our fans. Even just $1 / 75p a month helps us to do all this and keep giving you what you love. We can only grow with support from our fans.

Supporting us allows us to continue to exist and buy new equipment to keep making more of what you want. Recently we was able to buy equipment to make our own notepads, stickers and put stuff on the app store.

What rewards can i get?
We have rewards to suit everyone. Supporting us from just $1 a month can really make a huge difference and for that you'll get a discount code worth more than what you've supported us with, plus access to behind the scenes Fuzzballs stuff. If you choose a higher tier you can get a product sent to you every month, a box filled with products every three months that will include patron exclusive products that can't be bought, your own custom made Fuzzballs comic and much more.

Your support allows us to make products we couldn't typically make, in the past we've made christmas decorations, bookmarks, bowls, shirts, A3 calendars and much more exclusive to backers on patreon.

Just some of the many rewards we have sent out!

What do you get for each tier?

Okay i'm ready to support you!

FUZZBALLS  is based in the UK. Patreon only charges in $USD, so £GBP is the dollar equivalent.

Your support it's what keeps Fuzzballs content coming. So Join Now and become a Fuzzballs insider and help inform what's next and get awesome cool stuff every single month!

 Got a question? View our FAQ'S HERE - or send us a message.

If just every person reading this joined for 1 month for $1 we'd be fully supported for a year.

$444.99 of $450 per month
Fuzzballs gets a proper office! I'd love to have more space to do all sorts of Fuzzballs stuff and an office is what is needed. If we can hit this goal (and keep it here for a little while) i'll be able to afford a proper office to move all the Fuzzballs equipment into that will allow for even more stuff to be made.
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