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Hey Everyone thanks for checking out my Patreon. My name is Nathan or you can call me by my youtube name "Fuzzy Nova". I Upload Gaming Videos and Short movies dealing with MechWarrior Online and Other game titles. I Enjoy Making Videos and Filming them just as much. If you love MechWarrior, MWO, BattleTech, Mecha etc... then check out my channel. Im 28 years old and Do this in my free time when I am not working. As of right now I am currently Working on a real Life " MechWarrior Short Film: I also have a discord And Of course a YouTube Channel. I also love doing Giveaways for my viewers. As of Right now this moment the current giveaway is a Pro Gaming Headset. Which one lucky person will get in 2 weeks. 
Thank you for watching and Check out my video below. Donations would help me a lot and this is the first Patreon I have ever made. And any donations for the next few months will go directly into the MW/BattleTech Movie I am making. Lets Do this!

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